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Diabetes is one of deadliest diseases in the world. It is not only a disease but also a creator of different kinds of diseases like heart attack, blindness, kidney diseases, etc. The normal identifying process is that patients need to visit a diagnostic center, consult their doctor, and sit tight for a day or more to get their reports. Moreover, every time they want to get their diagnosis report, they have to waste their money in vain. But with the rise of Machine Learning approaches we have the ability to find a solution to this issue, we have developed a system using data mining which has the ability to predict whether the patient has diabetes or not.

Big Data Analytics with SAS


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, even with the Third is still in progress. Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are three of the driving forces behind it. While the term'Industrial Revolution' has always applied mainly to manufacturing, it now also involves service industries such as banking and insurance, who are investing heavily in Big Data to help them model credit risk, fraud, marketing success and other key data. Meanwhile manufacturing, retail, telco, pharma and many other sectors constantly need people skilled in building, analysing, monitoring and maintaining data models to gain strategic intelligence that helps them inform and adapt their key business processes. A leader in the world of Data Analytics is the SAS Institute, whose flagship product is SAS (Statistical Analysis System).

Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python


I am a data scientist, big data engineer, and full stack software engineer. For my masters thesis I worked on brain-computer interfaces using near-infrared spectroscopy. These assist non-verbal and non-mobile persons communicate with their family and caregivers. I have worked in online advertising and digital media as both a data scientist and big data engineer, and built various high-throughput web services around said data. I've created new big data pipelines using Hadoop/Pig/MapReduce. I've created machine learning models to predict click-through rate, news feed recommender systems using linear regression, Bayesian Bandits, and collaborative filtering and validated the results using A/B testing.

Text Mining Support in Semantic Annotation and Indexing of Multimedia Data

AAAI Conferences

This short paper is describing a demonstrator that is complementing the paper "Towards Cross-Media Feature Extraction" in these proceedings. The demo is exemplifying the use of textual resources, out of which semantic information can be extracted, for supporting the semantic annotation and indexing of associated video material in the soccer domain. Entities and events extracted from textual data are marked-up with semantic classes derived from an ontology modeling the soccer domain. We show further how extracted Audio-Video features by video analysis can be taken into account for additional annotation of specific soccer event types, and how those different types of annotation can be combined.

Machine Learning Software Engineer (Senior and Mid level)


We are assisting a top international company currently building a Machine Learning and Data Analytics team in Dublin source a number of Software Engineers with proven experience implementing and applying Machine Learning techniques and methodologies in a commercial environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for a Senior Software Engineers with expertise in Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing technologies join a new operation with huge expansion plans for 2016/17 and beyond. This is a fantastic opportunity to work inside a top international company utilising cutting edge tools and techniques.