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The Benefits And Consequences Of Sexting

International Business Times

In the digital age, sexting is king, with around half of smartphone owners using their device to send or receive explicit sexual messages. Unfortunately, technology evolves faster than our ability to study its effects on our sexual health, but recent research suggests this trend could have benefits or risks, depending on how strong of a relationship sexters have with their sexting partner. A study now published online in Computers in Human Behavior has found that when sexting is conducted in a casual relationship, it has fewer positive emotional and sexual consequences, and results in more regret and other negative emotions, particularly among female sexters. Lead researcher Michelle Drouin told PsyPostthat although in some relationships sexting can be seen as "fun or flirtatious," her new research shows that it can also incite emotional pain, which is why sexting may be best left for committed couples. "Many people experience regret or worry about the pictures they have sent to recent partners, and some even report discomfort and trauma at the time they sent the pictures," said Drouin, PsyPost reported.

Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Like CRM for Website Visitors


Giants like Oracle, newcomers like Siebel Systems and innovators like Salesforce towards the dawn of the century gave birth to the most advanced and widely used concept in the world of marketing – Customer Relationship Management. Though the concept of collecting customer data, analyzing it to customize communication with customer was present much before the term CRM was coined, the modern-day CRM solutions go much beyond the traditional task of collecting and analyzing data. In the past four decades, CRM solutions have come a long way where it has given birth to a new concept, Visitor Relationship Management – Visitor Relationship Management, to provide justice to the new and still evolving online business models. According to Statista, the worldwide retail e-commerce sales in 2016 was USD 1.86 trillion and is expected to reach USD 4.5 trillion by 2021. In 2016, an estimated 19 percent of all retail sales in China occurred via internet; while, the same percentage in Japan was 6.7 percent.

Should you always unfollow your ex after a breakup?


I could feel the dread welling inside me as I scrolled through my Facebook feed. I knew I'd see his name; I knew the effect it would have on me, but somehow I couldn't tear myself away. "Unfollow him," people had said to me at the time of our breakup. "Just delete him -- it's kinder on yourself," they said. I knew that if I remained friends with an ex on Facebook, if I kept following him on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, I would be facing up to the truth of the situation.

'Masters Of Sex' Season 4 Spoilers: Episode 6 Synopsis Released Online; What Will Happen In 'Family Only'? [VIDEO]

International Business Times

Showtime's "Masters Of Sex" premiered an emotional episode on Sunday in which Dr. William "Bill" Masters pled guilty to the charge of sexual deviance in order to save Mrs. Virginia "Gini" Johnson's reputation as a woman and sex researcher. The once arrogant doctor also confessed his addiction and love for Gini at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Season 4, episode 5. What will happen in episode 6? After realizing that she belongs with Bill, Virginia will try to rebuild her romantic relationship with him. The official synopsis of "Family Only" on Showtime reveals that Gini wants her relationship with the doctor to be like it was before Dan Logan (Josh Charles) waltzed in. The promo of Season 4, episode 6 shows the once submissive secretary of Dr. Masters giving him a key to their old hotel room in the hopes that he would meet her there tonight.