Sports Direct sorry for 'English-only' note

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Sports Direct has apologised for issuing a notice that appeared to ban staff from speaking languages other than English in its Bangor store, saying it was a "misunderstanding". The note was understood to be posted on a wall telling staff only to speak in English for health and safety reasons. A statement issued by the company said it had sent the guidance on its language policy to all UK stores. Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws is investigating any breaches in rules. The notice, which was printed on Sports Direct-headed paper, was criticised by Plaid Cymru AM Sian Gwenllian who said it was "discriminatory" in an area where a lot of people speak Welsh.

Say What? Language Hurdles Plague Two Koreas After Years of Division

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Besides the dictionary, began in 2006 but halted in 2015 due to political tensions, projects being discussed include the archaeological excavation of a palace in North Korea, performances by a North Korean art troupe in South Korea, pest control projects in the North, and a number of sporting events.

Coronavirus and Local Languages: How do you say, "wash your hands"?


All of us are at risk. But millions of people who speak lesser-known languages don't have a single resource on COVID-19 yet. The information gap is enormous – and lives are at stake. "Wash your hands" isn't enough to combat this pandemic, but it's already more than some communities are hearing. Below you can learn how to say it in many different languages and countries.

Natural Language Processing Enhances Efficiency in the Enterprise


Consumer and business users alike are abuzz about the potential of natural language processing (NLP) and how it enables voice assistants as front ends for routine and even specialized tasks. NLP is a set of technologies that enables machines to interact with humans in a natural language to deliver information and insights as if speaking to another person. It's a great equalizer as a front end because there's no need for users to memorize keystrokes or commands. The core components of natural language processing include syntax analysis for parsing sentences and identifying parts of speech; entity recognition for identifying persons, products, events, media and locations; and sentiment analysis for determining the sentiment expressed in the text. Each of these elements helps the program understand the sentence structure, facts posed and emotion conveyed, respectively.

Speaking Multiple Languages Staves Off Dementia - Facts So Romantic


If you answered yes, then you're well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of bilingualism. Speaking both English and French, for example, can enrich your cultural experiences in multilingual destinations like Belgium, Morocco, or Egypt, and broaden your access to books, music, and films. But the benefits of speaking another language aren't limited to just cultural perks. "Studies have shown that bilingual individuals consistently outperform their monolingual counterparts on tasks involving executive control," says Ellen Bialystok, a cognitive psychologist at York University. In other words, speaking more than one language can improve your ability to pay attention, plan, solve problems, or switch between tasks (like making sure you don't miss your freeway exit while attending to your kids in the back seat).