Autonomous Color Learning on a Mobile Robot

AAAI Conferences

Color segmentation is a challenging subtask in computer vision. Most popular approaches are computationally expensive, involve an extensive off-line training phase and/or rely on a stationary camera. This paper presents an approach for color learning on-board a legged robot with limited computational and memory resources. A key defining feature of the approach is that it works without any labeled training data. Rather, it trains autonomously from a color-coded model of its environment. The process is fully implemented, completely autonomous, and provides high degree of segmentation accuracy.

Apple iPhone 8 Copper: New Color Variant Leaks Ahead Of Release

International Business Times

What appears to be a copper color variant of the iPhone 8 has been leaked online. While the images strongly suggest a new color option for Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone, there's still no guarantee that the iOS 11-running handset would debut in a copper color. This Monday, My Drivers outed on Chinese social media site Weibo a set of photos showing non-functional models of the upcoming iPhone 8. Drawing attention to the images is the model for what seems to be copper or copper gold color variant of the Galaxy S8 rival. It's hard to tell if the leaked photos are those of legitimate iPhone 8 units or simply mockups of the smartphone. However, Apple Insider believes that what's shown in the pictures could be models from a clone factory.

Red iPhone 7, 7 Plus Teaser Leaks Ahead Of Launch

International Business Times

Is Apple really launching a Red color variant for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones? The Cupertino giant is still mum about this, but previous statements made by tech insiders and analysts point to the possibility of welcoming a new color option starting this month. And the proof that this could be real may have just surfaced this week. On Tuesday, MacRumors spotted what seems to be Apple's teaser for the Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The Apple-centric news site found the alleged teaser on Chinese phone dealer Taobao's website.

iPhone 8 Blush Gold: Foxconn Leaks New Apple Flagship Color Variant Name

International Business Times

There's now more reason to believe a previous leak claiming that Apple's iPhone 8 will be debuting with a new color option. Apparently, someone from Foxconn may have outed the official name of the new color variant, and it's not the same as what earlier reports claimed it to be. Over the weekend, mobile reporter Benjamin Geskin took to Twitter to share what he found out from a Foxconn insider about the upcoming Galaxy S8/Note 8 rival. In his tweet, he stated that the third color option for the iPhone 8 is known internally at Foxconn as "Blush Gold." Geskin included renders to show everyone how the new variant looks like.

Color Sails: Discrete-Continuous Palettes for Deep Color Exploration Artificial Intelligence

We present color sails, a discrete-continuous color gamut representation that extends the color gradient analogy to three dimensions and allows interactive control of the color blending behavior. Our representation models a wide variety of color distributions in a compact manner, and lends itself to applications such as color exploration for graphic design, illustration and similar fields. We propose a Neural Network that can fit a color sail to any image. Then, the user can adjust color sail parameters to change the base colors, their blending behavior and the number of colors, exploring a wide range of options for the original design. In addition, we propose a Deep Learning model that learns to automatically segment an image into color-compatible alpha masks, each equipped with its own color sail. This allows targeted color exploration by either editing their corresponding color sails or using standard software packages. Our model is trained on a custom diverse dataset of art and design. We provide both quantitative evaluations, and a user study, demonstrating the effectiveness of color sail interaction. Interactive demos are available at