New England and Canadian Leaders Prepare to Meet in Vermont

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Officials from the New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont and the Canadian provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Labrador/Newfoundland have met regularly since 1973 to address cross-border interests.

More snow hits US Midwest and Canada

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Another major storm system is bringing heavy snowfall to the central Plains and Upper Midwest of the United States. Canada, too, is seeing large falls of snow across Ontario and southern Quebec. Blizzard conditions have been experienced in some parts of the Midwest, and the storm is expected to sweep eastwards into New England, Labrador and Newfoundland in the coming days. Residents of New England must be weary of spring snow by now. This will be the fourth major storm to deposit snow on the region since the beginning of March.

Time to face north and salute: Canada is turning 150 and we have 150 pictures

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On July 1, 1867, after three years of populist revolt and bloody battle, the Dominion of Canada was born. Modern Canada's birth on that day 150 years ago was mostly a matter of polite conferences and prudent compromises among colonial leaders in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, along with a discreet nod from the Queen of England. There had been plenty of blood, sweat, tears and conflict before that, and there would be more after. But in the 1860s, confederation seemed like an urgent idea. MORE CANADA: Celebrate Canada's 150 Ottawa Why Canada is cool, not cold Quiz If they didn't knit themselves more closely together, some Canadian leaders worried, the U.S. (which had just waged its own Civil War and bought Alaska from Russia) might just try to grab up more of North America.

You must resist Big Brother in upcoming Ubisoft video game 'Watch Dogs: Legion'

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If you're a fan of Ubisoft's popular Watch Dogs video game series โ€“ a 5-year-old action-adventure franchise played out in real-world cities like Chicago and San Francisco โ€“ you'll no doubt want to get your hands on the next installment, slated for March 5, 2020, for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Google Stadia. "Watch Dogs: Legion," which earned several "Best of Show" awards at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, the video game confab known as E3, looks to be the most ambitious title in the series to date. Is Facebook listening to me?: Why those ads appear after you talk about things One of the most ambitious games of 2020, Ubisoft's'Watch Dogs: Legion' takes place in a post-Brexit London, which has become an all-seeing surveillance state. The following is what you need to know about the game โ€“ based on what I saw (and played) at E3, along with some details provided by Joel Burgess, world director at Ubisoft Toronto, which is taking the reins on this title with portions of the game being developed simultaneously at Ubisoft studios in Montreal, Paris, Newcastle, England; Bucharest, Romania; and Kiev, Ukraine. One of the most ambitious games of 2020, Ubisoft's'Watch Dogs: Legion' takes place in a post-Brexit London, which has become an all-seeing surveillance state.

Ex-spy behind Trump dossier reportedly helped FBI in FIFA probe - Ex-CIA officer faces imminent extradition to Italy, hopes Trump can help

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The former British spy who allegedly created an incriminating but now-discredited dossier on President-elect Donald Trump reportedly helped the FBI build its case against FIFA officials back in 2010, The Washington Post reported. Christopher David Steele, 52, who was last seen leaving his home in southwest of London on Wednesday, apparently to avoid detection and escape possible retribution once his identity as the source of the salacious document became known, the New York Times reported. A person close to Steele said he left his home because he now fears a prompt and potentially dangerous backlash from Moscow against him and his family, the Telegraph reported. Trump lashed out at the media for publishing the unsubstantiated material and at the U.S. intelligence officials, accusing them of leaking the allegations and likening the leaks to Nazi conduct. Reuters reported on Thursday that in 2009, Steele's London-based consulting firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, was hired by England's Football Association to investigate FIFA over corruption allegations.