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Data Analysis Projects Ideas For Beginners/Students 2020


Data Analysis projects are very important to work on, who are looking to make their career in the Data Science field. Before we go more about data analysis, let's make you clear about the data analysis. Data Analysis is the process of analyzing the data to get some insights by doing the cleaning, transforming and modelling the data. It includes a lot of techniques and method. To become a data analyst, you need to practice more data analysis projects.

Top 30 Social Network Analysis and Visualization Tools


Cytoscape is an open source software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles and other state data.Although Cytoscape was originally designed for biological research, now it is a general platform for complex network analysis and visualization. Cytoscape core distribution provides a basic set of features for data integration, analysis, and visualization. Additional features are available as Apps (formerly called Plugins). Apps are available for network and molecular profiling analyses, new layouts, additional file format support, scripting, and connection with databases.

Twitter Topic Analysis Shiny Application • /r/textdatamining


I have created a Twitter Topic clustering application in Shiny for my Masters Thesis. I would love to hear what some of you think about it. There is a survey that I would like to invite you to take part in. The deadline is fast approaching and I am desperately looking for participants. In a nutshell, it downloads 250 tweets based on a given search term, does some preprocessing, tokenisation and normalisation to strip the tweets down to a few keywords (with stopwords and sparse terms removed).

Color and Pattern analysis using Flags of the world


Ever wondered why certain countries have certain colors in their flags, why it has certain symbols and what are the different patterns? We started digging through, checking a Wikipedia article on this topic. This was a good start but we wanted to go deeper so we manually started eye balling each flag to understand the patterns and symbols. We needed to figure out what we can extract from the flags and there were three prominent elements. Our task was then to go through each flag and note down all the distinct colors, prominent patterns and symbols.



Online social networks are web platforms that provide a variety of services. In such platforms users may share locations and community activities, post and tag photos and other media contents, as well as contact individuals with similar interests. The rapid growth of online social networks, as well as the increase in consumption and production of social media, have made the analysis of social networks one of the most relevant topics of current academic research and industry applications. SIMBig has becoming an important venue that has attracted computer scientists, computer engineers, software engineers, and application developers who work on networks and web based-methods. Within the general symposium, the Social Network and Media Analysis and Mining (SNMAM) track will provide a forum that brings both researchers and practitioners to discuss research trends and techniques related to social networks and media.