Nix has upgraded their already awesome color sensors — and they're on sale


We've posted about the Nix Mini Color Sensor before: a pocket-sized device that will tell you the color of any physical object. If you've ever struggled to match the color of a real-world object to the color of a digital object (or vice-versa), then you'll quickly realize just how revolutionary this tool is. Nix has recently released a new and improved version – the Nix Pro Color Sensor – that takes everything that was great about the Nix Mini Color Sensor and adds several game-changing new features. While the original Nix limited you to a handful of pre-existing color libraries, the Nix Pro lets you import your own custom color libraries and use those for color matching. Whether you're a lab professional, a color consultant, or just an all-purpose color nerd, this will significantly improve your color game.

6 bathroom color schemes

FOX News

Bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms to overhaul. Renovating them can not only put a strain on your time and budget, but it puts the room out of commission while the work's being done. No one wants to renovate their bathroom more often than necessary, and for this reason many people are afraid to use color -- what happens if the colors you choose fall out of favor and affect the value of your house? Here are six color combinations that will always be winners. This is a classic combo that became ultra-popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and '30s.Bold black and white geometric shapes on floors and walls have stood the test of time.

Adobe's AI will automatically color-match shots in Premiere


At NAB 2018, Adobe has announced that the Sensei AI used in Photoshop and Lightroom have come to its Premiere Pro CC editing app. The first tool, Color Match, takes a lot of tedium out an edit. Even when filmmakers are careful, hues and tones can vary from shot to shot, so editors usually have to do a laborious color correction. All you have to do is tweak one shot just the way you want it, and Color Match will apply them to your other shots as editable color adjustments. That way, if it's still not quite perfect, you can do a final tweak to get it right.

Save $30 on the Nix Mini Color Sensor and take the guesswork out of color identification


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Apple iPhone 8 Copper: New Color Variant Leaks Ahead Of Release

International Business Times

What appears to be a copper color variant of the iPhone 8 has been leaked online. While the images strongly suggest a new color option for Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone, there's still no guarantee that the iOS 11-running handset would debut in a copper color. This Monday, My Drivers outed on Chinese social media site Weibo a set of photos showing non-functional models of the upcoming iPhone 8. Drawing attention to the images is the model for what seems to be copper or copper gold color variant of the Galaxy S8 rival. It's hard to tell if the leaked photos are those of legitimate iPhone 8 units or simply mockups of the smartphone. However, Apple Insider believes that what's shown in the pictures could be models from a clone factory.