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We are very pleased to launch the Faculty Research Seminar series in the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing. The series is an exciting opportunity for staff and students to come together, to broaden their networks and to hear about the research expertise across the Faculty. The series aims to provide a platform for future collaboration and partnerships and is an opportunity to share good practice and ideas. The seminar series will run for 16 sessions, fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons from 2 November 2016. The topics are broad ranging, reflecting the broad range of interests and expertise in the Faculty.

USC - Viterbi School of Engineering - Programming Commander Data, Coding the Borg

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Milind Tambe and class co-designer Emma Bowring, with some exercise materiels "Science fiction is the spice," says Tambe. Students in a new class offered by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering will be writing computer code for Isaac Asimov's disobedient robot Speedy, and for the sinister many-bodied Star Trek menace, the Borg. Milind Tambe, an associate professor of computer science, will be using science fiction as problem sets in a class on artificial intelligence for undergraduate programmers beginning in the fall, 2006 semester. "Computer science is catching up with the ideas in these stories," says Tambe. "We are using science fiction as the spice for the main dish of teaching an important new area of our discipline." While a number of universities use science fiction to introduce concepts in physics and other fields, Tambe believes his course is the first of its kind in computer science.

Bangladesh: Why was science fiction writer Zafar Iqbal attacked?

Al Jazeera

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, a celebrated Bangladeshi author and academic, was stabbed in the back on March 3, while attending a programme at a university in the northeastern district of Sylhet. The lone attacker, Foyzur Rahman, was caught before he could continue stabbing Iqbal from behind. The 24-year-old attacker later said he wanted to kill Iqbal because he believed the academic was an "an enemy of Islam". Iqbal, who has authored more than 200 books, is now out of danger and is recuperating at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in the capital, Dhaka, according to his wife, Yasmin Haque. The stabbing has brought back memories of a series of fatal attacks against secular bloggers in Bangladesh nearly three years ago.

History of Science Fiction


Many historians believe that science fiction is as old as civilization itself. Believe it or not, even in the ancient times such work that resembles science fiction did exist.

We're clearly out of good stories, so here's some science fiction books written by artificial intelligence


If there's anything that machine learning has taught us, it's that artificial intelligence can't write for shit--just look at this very horny, but very bad A.I. …