Japan plans to create 10 billion 14-digit phone numbers as 5G era nears

The Japan Times

The communications ministry plans to create for assignment some 10 billion 14-digit phone numbers starting with the code "020." With the commercialization of fifth-generation, or 5G, superfast mobile communications fast approaching, 11-digit numbers are expected to run out as early as fiscal 2022. The plan to introduce the new numbers, by the end of 2021 at the latest, was proposed at a recent meeting of a panel of experts. After hearing public comments, the ministry will draw up a report on the matter as early as June and make necessary preparations, including a ministerial ordinance, by the end of this year. New numbers will be allocated to the major carriers early if they finish work to update their systems ahead of schedule.

T-Mobile Digits Cost Is Free To Add A Second Wireless Line

International Business Times

T-Mobile will allow subscribers to connect their phone number for use on to other electronic devices, such as PCs, wearables, and other smartphones, with a new service, called Digits. The service goes live May 31, T-Mobile announced Thursday. Digits has been in beta since late 2015 but the service is now ready for its debut. Digits is similar Google Voice, allowing users receive phone calls and texts from more than one phone number on a single device. This allows users to have a professional and private number, for example, without having to carry two phone numbers.

Largest Known Prime Number Found: Rare, With Over 23 Million Digits

International Business Times

An electrical engineer in Germantown, Tennessee, has been searching for big prime numbers for the last 14 years, as a volunteer who uses his computer to run a software designed to do exactly that. In late December, Jonathan Pace, 51, struck gold when his machine pumped out the largest known prime number yet.

T-Mobile Digits brings calls and texts to all your devices


T-Mobile is doing its Uncarrier thing again. As the carrier works on bringing its LTE network to US forces and older cars, it's also bringing the latest technology to its existing customers. The company's new Digits program lets you add multiple numbers to your phone, and then use them across all your devices. Starting today, postpaid customers can sign up to try out a beta version of the service, which the company says will launch commercially next year. Those who join the trial will need to have at least Android 5.0 or iOS 9 installed on their phones, and/or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on their Macs or PCs.

T-Mobile's Digits looks to expand your phone number to all of your devices


T-Mobile is no stranger to shaking up the mobile world, having previously unveiled unlimited video streaming, streamlined data plans and hassle-free device upgrades, and now it has a new Un-carrier trick up its sleeve: a single number for all your devices and multiple numbers on a single device. Called Digits, the unique program lets you share your T-Mobile number with any Internet-connected device, including smartwatches, computers, and tablets. As the company explains in its press release, "Just log in and, bam, your call history, messages, and even voicemail are all there. And it's always your same number, so when you call or text from another device, it shows up as you." The impact on you at home: You don't have to be a high-powered CEO or a tech journalist to want your number to work on different devices.