How Inappropriately Heavyweight AI Solutions Dragged Down A Startup (and Made Me Realize that Industrial Salaries Are High for a Good Reason)

AI Magazine

Ten years ago I was a junior faculty member in a UK university, doing research into the theoretical foundations of multiagent systems. I enjoyed the research, but not the salary. The opportunity arose to work for a startup company at three times my university salary, and the company had already hired some excellent agent researchers that I knew, respected, and liked from conferences and workshops. The job seemed too good to be true; and of course, it was. 

Designing a Problem Specific Design Process for Multi-Agent Systems

AAAI Conferences

Starting from the point that several design methodologies have been conceived to design multi-agent systems and nonetheless designers often prefer to create a new methodology instead of studying and applying the existing ones, we propose an extension to agents of the method engineering process that has been successfully used in the object-oriented context to easily compose new design process. The work reports a detailed production process that allows the composition of new methodologies by reusing parts of existing ones.

Towards a Methodology for Designing Artificial Conscious Robotic Systems

AAAI Conferences

Engineering artificial conscious robotic systems, able to perceive, think and act in an unstructured environment is a very challenging issue. Basing on the results of the experiences made in the latest years about modeling the perception loop of a robot and about the creation of ad-hoc methodologies for engineering complex systems, we developed an initial model of an artificial conscious system and extended a well known methodology (PASSI) for engineering the elements we identified as composing such a system.