Twitter says 'meaningful' ways to combat abuse are coming in November


Twitter is promising to further combat abuse on its network. The company said it will introduce more features and new policies that address safety next month, a move that comes as Twitter's reputation as a home for trolls has hit new heights -- and may have even stopped the company from being acquired. The announcement came during its quarterly earnings report on Thursday. Twitter said the team has been working for the last few months to build "the most important safety features and updating our safety policies to give people more control over their Twitter experience." The changes will be "meaningful updates" and address the "safety policy, our product, and enforcement strategy," according to its shareholders letter.

Oninaki review โ€“ a beautiful, ethereal and frustrating experience

The Guardian

Initial impressions of Oninaki, the latest game from Tokyo RPG Factory, creator of ethereal adventures I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, are strong. A fascinating world centred around reincarnation and regrets, sombre and elegant music, gorgeous art direction, and promising (though mashy) combat. But though the high-quality trappings remain, the ultimate core of this top-down action RPG is decidedly disappointing. The setup begins decently enough: taciturn protagonist Kagachi is a "veil watcher", able to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead in an instant. Watchers assist lost spirits towards reincarnation by helping them deal with their earthly attachments โ€“ or by putting them down when they otherwise turn into shadowy monsters.

For McDonald's, restaurant crew experience bolsters customer experience


McDonald's has big plans to improve the customer experience with new technologies, but there's a parallel effort to improve the employees' day-to-day and enhance the small food factory behind the counter.

Evaluating Planning-Based Experience Managers for Agency and Fun in Text-Based Interactive Narrative

AAAI Conferences

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have been applied to video games to make the overall experience more enjoyable. In games with interactive storytelling (IS), player actions can substantially affect plot events and plot characters. Therefore, AI planning techniques have been used to shape the plot inresponse to player actions that conflict with authorial goals. While such methods are poised to increase player fun andagency, two recent implementations (ASD and PAST) have not been formally evaluated to date. In this paper we do so via a series of user studies for the first time. We show that ASD significantly enhances fun and agency, whereas PAST gets mixed results with an interaction between effects of the experience manager and player prior gaming experience in one user study, and marginally significant results for increased agency in a study with a constrained story domain.

Importance of Customer Experience in Marketing


These days, customer experience, data and brand strategy are gaining a lot of importance in marketing. Both the customer experience and data analysis play a bigger role and marketers are spending more time in focusing on the broader business strategy instead of just focusing on advertising. The infographic titled, "Let's Talk about Customer Experience". According to Gartner study, in the coming years, most of the companies are expected to compete predominantly on the basis of customer experience. Delivering a satisfied and excellent customer experience is the new battleground of the brands.