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Gigi Hadid kind of apologizes for Melania impression at the AMAs


Gigi Hadid got all political on the American Music Awards on Sunday night and now she's sorry...sort of. SEE ALSO: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid give us their model rendition of'Baby' The model/Kendall Jenner bestie did a Melania Trump impression at the AMAs, which some viewers found funny. I never want to hear @GiGiHadid stand up for people being bullied. YOU ARE A BULLY!!! Disrespectful, and should be ashamed of yourself! So shocked to see @GiGiHadid mock @MELANIATRUMP, so disrespectful to women everywhere!! #AMAs You need to apologize!!! On Monday night, Hadid addressed the controversy in a handwritten note -- perhaps a move to confuse her fellow millennials.

Emilia Clarke did her best Wookie impression and it was so bad it was good


If you ever need a Wookiee translator, best not ask Emilia Clarke. SEE ALSO: Emilia Clarke says she was always paid equally on'Game of Thrones' Clarke was a guest on The Tonight Show on Monday night, and talked about working with all the strange creatures on Star Wars, including Chewbacca. She attempted to do her own impression of the famous Wookiee. Emilia Clarke missed a screening of'Solo' to watch the royal wedding How can you feed ten baby kangaroos at once? Here's an idea.

Alessia Cara's Lorde impression is absolutely royal


One of The Tonight Show's best functions is letting us know what great impressions celebrities can do. For example, would we be aware of Christina Aguilera's spot-on Britney Spears voice were it not for the Wheel of Musical Impressions? And Alessia Cara can do mean impressions of Lorde, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj -- especially when the songs are such classics as "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Skidamarink." Watch, then listen exclusively to woman-driven pop music for the rest of the day. No silly human, you may not take this cat's hard-earned money

T. rex might not have been fluffy, after all


It turns out Tyrannosaurus rex may have not had a soft side, after all. While the idea of the fluffy T. rex has been floating around for some time now, a new study published Wednesday in the journal Biology Letters suggests it had "scaly, reptilian-like skin." Researchers used skin impressions from a T. rex skeleton collected in Montana and compared them to impressions of other skeletons found over the years, all coming from various places on a T. rex body. SEE ALSO: How the T. rex's terrifying teeth smashed through dino bones Scientists compared changes in skin impressions and body size, and deduced that the most notorious (and horniest?) "Now that we've found these multiple patches of preserved tyrannosaur hide from multiple places across the body, it looks pretty clear that at least the majority of the T. rex was not covered in feathers," University of Alberta paleontologist Scott Persons told National Geographic.

Dudes do 25 celebrity impressions quicker than you can do most things


If you're Australian comedy group stuntbear, you'll try and nail 25 celebrity impressions for the hell of it, as they did in a YouTube video. While there are a few efforts on the slightly dodgy side (hint hint, Homer Simpson) -- it's a mostly spot-on effort. Especially considering many of us could only pull off a half-arsed "Bohnd.