Google Launches AMP Stories To Bring 'Story' Format To Mobile

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Google has announced AMP Stories, the company's newest addition to its Accelerate Mobile Pages on the web. Like Snapchat or Instagram stories, AMP Stories bring in the same format when delivering news and other updates from online publications.

Google now builds its own AMP stories for search - Search Engine Land


Google is now using artificial intelligence to "intelligently construct" AMP stories for search. These new AMP stories appear in knowledge panels in search results for actors, athletes, musicians and other famous people. Google said on Monday, "Starting today with stories about notable people -- like celebrities and athletes -- providing a glimpse into facts and important moments from their lives in a rich, visual format. This format lets you easily tap to the articles for more information and provides a new way to discover content from the web." The issue is, when I try this on mobile Safari or mobile Chrome on my iPhone, the stories do not let you interact with them.

Snapchat Stories Update: How To Search Stories

International Business Times

As Facebook and Instagram copy Snapchat as quickly as possible the app has been struggling to keep bringing in new users. Instagram added Snapchat's classic story feature last summer and Facebook added it last week. Snapchat has taken a step to enhance the experience users have with stories, by making them searchable. The Snapchat Stories search feature will begin rolling out to users in "select cities" Friday, said Snapchat. Now there is a story for everything, well at least a story for more than a million places, events or topics, like "puppies," "New York City," or your local bar.

Google plans Snapchat-esque stories for mobile search results


Assuming you have a basic understanding of social media and haven't been living under a rock for the last year, you're going to be familiar with "Stories" -- full screen displays of content that you can swipe or tap through, which are available for a limited time. Snapchat got the ball rolling, Instagram got on board, Facebook followed suit, and now Google is getting in on the action, following the initial report it would back in August. According to a Google blog post, "AMP Stories" are in the works, and soon they could completely shake up the look of your search results.

Google Offers 'Fact Check' Conclusions in News Searches

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FILE - This Oct. 20, 2015, file photo, shows a sign outside Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Google will start offering "fact check" tags next to some news stories in search results in the tech industry's latest effort to combat false and misleading news stories, on Friday, April 7, 2017. People who search for a topic in the regular search engine or the Google News section will see a conclusion such as "mostly true" or "false" next to news stories that had been fact checked by one of more than 100 organizations, including The Associated Press, PolitiFact and