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In pictures: Online community awards

BBC News

The online photography community, has announced the winners in its international photo competition on the theme of work places. The 13 winning images reveal the diversity of workplaces and professions across the globe. Founded by two professional photographers from the UK, is a global, independent online community for photographers - whether it's their hobby, their job, or somewhere in-between.

Communicative Informatics: A Social Media Perspective for Online Communities

AAAI Conferences

Individuals are active audience members that use Internet-based social media technologies to create and negotiate social action in online spaces. Communicative informatics is the key to constructing, describing or critiquing social media. Communicative informatics is the discovery of the audience, text/image, technology, negotiated place relationships that create symbolic meaning. Four propositions focus on the communication of the audience: 1) the audience is active; 2) the audience is creative; 3) the audience interacts with technology and 4) place is negotiated in online communication.

Tell us your stories of online communities you loved and lost

The Guardian

Thirty years ago this month, Tim Berners-Lee filed his proposal for the project that would become the world wide web. To mark the date, we're asking readers to share their favourite and formative memories of online communities from the 90s and early 00s. That could be a tale of relationships forged through forums that no longer exist, pivotal dramas on long-lost discussion threads, or long-distance friends introduced through niche online interests. We want to share stories that capture the internet as it once was, before it became dominated by a handful of companies: a platform of seemingly infinite discovery and otherwise impossible connection. Tell us your best story about the platform you miss most.

How online communities are faring in 2016


As I've been charting here on ZDNet for over 10 years, online communities have grown today into a strategic enterprise asset and a substantial industry in their own right. However, as we'll see, the industry and practice is at an inflection point this year that will very much determine its future trajectory. That the industry has matured, there is ample evidence: The majority of organizations have now deployed some form of community platform to help workers, typically in the form of an enterprise social network. This represents about 65% of all companies as of this year, according to recent research. Somewhat less prevalent, yet often more impactful and strategic, are customer communities.