Samsung Pay adds in-app coupon search for its anniversary


Samsung Pay is celebrating its first year in America by launching a feature couponers would love. The Korean company has teamed up with the owner of to make redeeming discounts much easier. Now, when you link your loyalty card or account with the app, you'll be able to browse all the digital coupons that retailer has to offer within Samsung Pay itself. You can also clip all the coupons you want to use, and they'll automatically be applied when you check out with the app. Besides the nifty new feature for people shopping on a budget, the payment app is now much easier to use with a new device, as well.

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AAAI Conferences

Neural networks were evolved through genetic algorithms to focus minimax search in the game of Othello. At each level of the search tree, the focus networks decide which moves are promising enough to be explored further. The networks effectively hide problem states from minimax based on the knowledge they have evolved about the limitations of minimax and the evaluation function. Focus networks were encoded in markerbased chromosomes and were evolved against a full-width minimax opponent that used the same evaluation function. The networks were able to guide the search away from poor information, resulting in stronger play while examining fewer states. When evolved with a highly sophisticated evaluation function of the Bill program, the system was able to match Bill's performance while only searching a subset of the moves.