iOS Software Update Adaption Trumps Android: iOS 10 Now Present On 79% Of Devices, Android Nougat Barely On 1%

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The latest version of Apple's operating system is present on around 80 percent of the company's devices, based on stats regarding the app store measured on Feb. 20 and available on the Apple Developer Program website. The earlier operating system, iOS 9, was present on only 16 percent of devices and previous operating systems were available only on 5 percent of devices. Compared to iOS adoption, Android seems way behind when it comes to customers installing software updates. Android Nougat hit 1 percent adoption rate according to stats measured on Feb. 6. The difference in the adoption rate showcases users actually upgrading their devices -- operating system updates generally go back up to one or two generations of a current device and if the device is too old, it will simply stop receiving official software update, forcing users to upgrade to a newer device to get access to newer software.

Stage adaption of 'Cheers' TV shows opening in Boston

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The play is based on some of the most memorable moments of the celebrated TV show's first season. It features retired Red Sox pitcher and shameless lothario Sam Malone, pretentious waitress Diane Chambers, rotund barfly Norm Peterson and the rest of the regulars.

'The Martian' film adaption was actually pretty faithful to the novel


The Matt Damon Mars survival movie, The Martian, has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay. And while adapting a book to film can be as complex as communication between Earth and Mars, The Martian is an unusually close adaptation. Our CineFix series, What's the Difference, reads between the lines to find the differences between the book and the film. Become Barb from'Stranger Things' with a gruesome makeup tutorial Someone turned Samsung's Note7 into a lethal weapon with a'GTA 5' mod

Creating Model-Based Adaptive Environments Using Game-Specific and Game-Independent Analytics

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My research involves creating and evaluating adaptive game environments using player models created with data-driven techniques and algorithms. I hypothesize that I will be able to change parts of a game to elicit certain behaviors from players,and that these changes will also result in an increase of engagement and/or intrinsic motivation. Initial results in my testbed game, Scrabblesque, indicate that data-driven models and techniques can be used to influence player behavior and that these changes in play behavior manifest themselves as an increase in engagement and intrinsic motivation.

'Rent' the musical will be performed live on TV, and will you light my candle?


Five-hundred twenty-five thousand six-hundred minutes, how do you measure a -- live musical television event? SEE ALSO: Biggest problem with Fox's live'Rocky Horror': It's not live The latest live event for the small screen on Fox is the long-running Broadway musical Rent, Variety reported Friday. You might know the musical, created by the deceased Jonathan Larson, for its earworm "Seasons of Love" (it's the song that breaks down the number of minutes in a year, along with cups of coffee, sunsets, and most importantly, love). The dark rock musical focuses on New York artists struggling to survive with drug addictions and HIV/AIDS and is based on Puccini's opera, "La Boheme." The live adaption has a slate of producers attached to it, according to Variety, but no word yet on who will play Mark, Roger, Mimi, Maureen, and the other colorful characters.