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A Discussion of Internet Configuration Systems JOrg Rahmer, Andrcas BOhm, Heinz-Jiirgen Miiller, Stefan Ueliner

AAAI Conferences

During the last years sales support is getting increasing demand in Deutsche Telekom. This discussion is enhanced in conjunction with eCommerce. Since product configuration is an essential process in eCommerce systems it is straight forward to evaluate configuration systems for this pu ose. We also evaluated our own prototypical implementations of a configuration system, the KIKon-System, for the usage as an internet configuration tool in an eCommerce-environment. Interestingly, we had to learn that our approach was not adequate.

salesPLUS a Product Configuration Tool

AAAI Conferences

This paper describes a new tool for product configuration based upon constraint techniques. The method is implemented in the Beologic Product Configurator salesPLU$.

Muslim Dairy Queen owner installs signs comparing Hindus to monkeys

FOX News

The Hindu community is calling on a Muslim Dairy Queen franchise owner to take down signs from his Houston-area business that compare Hindus to monkeys. Mohammad Dar, a 65-year-old Muslim and U.S. citizen from Pakistan, claims he is not prejudiced for installing the signs -- instead saying Hindus are the "racists," Dar told the website that he decided to post the displays at his business after "researching" Hinduism -- the third-largest religion in the world -- for 14 years. He said the signs at his Kemah, Texas, Dairy Queen seek to showcase the wrongs of certain religions, specifically Hinduism, acccording to the website. One sign reportedly compared Hinduism to "monkeyism (sic)."

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