Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer


The biggest hardware and software arrival since the iPad in 2010 has been Amazon's Echo voice-controlled intelligent speaker, powered by its Alexa software assistant. But just because you're not seeing amazing new consumer tech products on Amazon, in the app stores, or at the Apple Store or Best Buy, that doesn't mean the tech revolution is stuck or stopped. They are: Artificial intelligence / machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics and drones, smart homes, self-driving cars, and digital health / wearables. Google has changed its entire corporate mission to be "AI first" and, with Google Home and Google Assistant, to perform tasks via voice commands and eventually hold real, unstructured conversations.

Streaming, smartphones and no more cash

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Jefferson Graham visits an Amazon Go store in Seattle, where an app gains you entrance to the store, and there are no lines or cashiers to check you out./ Murphy Brown returned this week and she got herself a lesson on how to tweet. Yup, that's how out of it she's been. In case you missed it, the hit show that originally debuted in 1988 returned to CBS Thursday in a revival. Thirty years later, for Talking Tech readers, this seemed like a great opportunity for us to look back at three decades of how our lives have changed with technology.

Apple readies AI pitch to cap developer season

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The biggest names in tech are encouraging developers to build products for their app ecosystem. File photo taken in 2015 shows an illustration of an iPhone held up in front of the Apple logo. SAN FRANCISCO -- Like a dressed-down awards season, Apple's WWDC conference concludes a three-month developer season. But will it end with a bang, as the Academy Awards do for the film industry? It began with Microsoft's Build in March and continued with Facebook's F8 show in April and Google I/O in May.

Everything you need to know about what Apple announced at WWDC


Apple announced a big update to OS X, which is now rebranded as macOS, with the latest version dubbed Sierra. MacOS Sierra will be the first desktop OS from Apple to fully integrate Siri integration, tab support in every app (not just browsers) and picture-in-picture with YouTube videos. Not only that, macOS Sierra lets you unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, get big gains in storage by optimizing your files with the cloud, and support for web payments with Apple Pay. Apple shared some details about iOS 10, the company's next big mobile operating system update due int he fall. The new OS will be available for iPhone and iPad users, of course, and will include new features like a redesigned control center and better 3D Touch integration to get previews of apps without opening them and more.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen) review: bigger and better smart display

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The new second generation Echo Show is bigger with a better display, but is size enough to keep Amazon ahead of stiff competition from Google? Since the original Echo Show launched last year the software has been refined, but the experience is broadly the same. The Show is a voice-first Alexa speaker, with touch interactivity as an additional input rather than the core experience. If you never wanted to touch the screen beyond the initial set-up,you wouldn't have to. When you do go to touch it, swipes and taps work as you might expect from a modern smartphone.