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The crowdfunding market size has increased exponentially, reaching tens of billions of dollars and showing the popularity of crowdfunding. However, according to Kickstarter, 35% backers did not receive rewards on time. To maintain the trust between creators and backers, and sustain the crowdfunding business growth, it is crucial to understand how on-time and late reward delivery projects are different. In this paper, we analyze characteristics of on-time and late reward delivery projects, especially, focusing on project descriptions, creator profiles, and activeness and linguistic patterns of creators and backers. Our analysis reveals that the less complicated a project is and more actively a creator responds to backers, the higher an on-time reward delivery probability is. It shows there are significant differences between on-time and late reward delivery projects.

It's time for companies to treat AI like human talent


Automation could be so much more than just a buzzword if we let it be. The practice of automation sits at the heart of countless exciting technologies, giving space for risk-taking and innovation. Unfortunately, rather than deploy AI in meaningful ways, companies have co-opted the automation AI makes possible to power cost-cutting efforts. Sadly, this has nothing to do with the technology. By relegating automation to exclusively target cost-cutting strategies, we strip it of its real power.

Pizza Hut Offers $10K Reward For Information On Kansas Delivery Driver's Death

International Business Times

Pizza Hut announced Thursday that it would offer $10,000 in reward money to persons with information on the Nov. 26 killing of one of its Wichita, Kansas, drivers. Investigators currently have minimal clues on the death, but they have confirmed that the driver was fatally shot.

Delivery Driver Shot, Domino's Pizza Offers Reward

U.S. News

Police spokeswoman Jamie Bastas says the Domino's reward is separate from any Crime Line reward money. Those who report through the Crime Line are also eligible for a reward and the information can be anonymous. Tips eligible for the Domino's reward are not anonymous.

5 Tech-Logistics Startups providing hassle-free deliveries


Remember those times when we had to stand in a long queue to pay our utility bills? I clearly remember those odd times when we would have to wait for hours if we wanted to make an international call from a PCO. The case was almost similar when we needed to ship things from one part of the country to another. Except for, in the latter case, it was until very recently. But today, with the advent of technology and its roots spreading across various verticals, our life has been simplified.