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The content of images users post to their social media is driven in part by personality. In this study, we analyze how Twitter profile images vary with the personality of the users posting them. In our main analysis, we use profile images from over 66,000 users whose personality we estimate based on their tweets. To facilitate interpretability, we focus our analysis on aesthetic and facial features and control for demographic variation in image features and personality. Our results show significant differences in profile picture choice between personality traits, and that these can be harnessed to predict personality traits with robust accuracy. For example, agreeable and conscientious users display more positive emotions in their profile pictures, while users high in openness prefer more aesthetic photos.

How We Swagger Speaks Volumes About Our Personalities

Popular Science

A new study found a link between swagger and an aggressive personality. You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm aggressive and overly exaggerate my gait. By studying the walking patterns and personality traits of 29 participants, University of Portsmouth researchers found that those who rotated their shoulders or hips as they walked were also more likely to test high for aggressiveness. "Evidence of Big Five and Aggressive Personalities in Gait Biomechanics" is published in September's Journal of Nonverbal Behavior. Each participant took the "Big Five" personality test -- which assesses conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism -- before hitting the motion-capture treadmill setup.

Why she likes jerks

FOX News

If you ever feel like jerks always get the girl, you're not wrong: New Austrian research confirms that women are more interested in dating guys with narcissistic personality traits. But it's the confidence--not narcissism--she's really attracted to, the study suggests. The researchers surveyed people to determine their personality traits, then sent them on a series of speed dates. After each date, the women rated whether or not they wanted to see the guy again. The women were significantly more likely to want to date men who had narcissistic personality traits, like being vain and wanting to be the center of attention, than guys who didn't have those traits.

Roger Federer wins 2017 BBC Overseas Sports Personality award for record fourth time

BBC News

Tennis star Roger Federer has won the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year for a record fourth time after a public vote.