New Instagram Filter Blocks Comments Using Custom Keywords To Ward Off Bullies, Trolls

International Business Times

Instagram now has a solution for bullies and trolls who keep on flooding accounts with unnecessary and repulsive comments. The online photo-sharing and social networking service is rolling out a new feature that enables users to filter the content they want to see. Announcing the new feature on Instagram's official blog, CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote Monday that the new feature is actually a keyword moderation tool that filters comments based on the preference of the user. In using this new Comments tool, a user can list words he or she finds offensive or inappropriate, so that comments with these words remain hidden from the user's feed. Systrom also indicated that there is an option to manually encode keywords and there is another wherein users can just select the filter that would block words marked as offensive by default.

Twitter will soon let you use keyword filters to combat online harassment


Online harassment on Twitter has gotten so bad that some users opt to never read their mentions, while others are driven to log off the platform forever. Now, Twitter is addressing the problem with a new anti-harassment tool, according to Bloomberg. Twitter is developing a feature that would allow users to filter out certain keywords from their timeline and mentions. This anti-harassment feature, which has been in the works for about a year, will give users the power to block certain offensive words and slurs. This new tool is Twitter's latest attempt to curb online harassment on its platform.

Instagram Starts Using Artificial Intelligence to Moderate Comments. Is Facebook Up Next?


Instagram started to automatically block offensive comments Thursday, using artificial intelligence to go beyond simple keyword filters. The use of this technology is also a test case for Facebook as it is looking to improve its own moderation and filtering. The Facebook-owned photo sharing service officially announced the launch of a new comment filter Thursday morning. "Many of you have told us that toxic comments discourage you from enjoying Instagram and expressing yourself freely," wrote Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom in a blog post. "To help, we've developed a filter that will block certain offensive comments on posts and in live video."

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Online retailers face a whole host of relatively unique search engine optimization (SEO) considerations most other websites don't deal with. Most discussions about those differences focus on issues such as tags, uniform resource locators (URLs), link structure, duplicate content and so on. In this post, I want to zoom out a bit and start talking about strategic approaches. I've decided to focus specifically on three factors that deserve special attention in developing an SEO strategy for online retailers: keyword research, mobile crawling and customer reviews. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I believe it's a useful starting point.