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Using Thought-Provoking Children's Questions to Drive Artificial Intelligence Research Artificial Intelligence

We propose to use thought-provoking children's questions (TPCQs), namely Highlights BrainPlay questions, as a new method to drive artificial intelligence research and to evaluate the capabilities of general-purpose AI systems. These questions are designed to stimulate thought and learning in children, and they can be used to do the same thing in AI systems, while demonstrating the system's reasoning capabilities to the evaluator. We introduce the TPCQ task, which which takes a TPCQ question as input and produces as output (1) answers to the question and (2) learned generalizations. We discuss how BrainPlay questions stimulate learning. We analyze 244 BrainPlay questions, and we report statistics on question type, question class, answer cardinality, answer class, types of knowledge needed, and types of reasoning needed. We find that BrainPlay questions span many aspects of intelligence. Because the answers to BrainPlay questions and the generalizations learned from them are often highly open-ended, we suggest using human judges for evaluation.

Microsoft creates AI that can read a document and answer questions about it as well as a person - The AI Blog


Microsoft researchers have created technology that uses artificial intelligence to read a document and answer questions about it about as well as a human. It's a major milestone in the push to have search engines such as Bing and intelligent assistants such as Cortana interact with people and provide information in more natural ways, much...

Machine Learning Interview Questions Machine Learning Interview Preparation


This machine learning interview questions and answers video is an exclusive machine learning interview preparation tutorial where you will learn everything a... This machine learning interview questions and answers video is an exclusive machine learning interview preparation tutorial where you will learn everything about machine learning latest interview questions with detailed answer asked in top MNCs recently. If you are preparing for machine learning job then this is a must watch video for you. We have covered machine learning basic questions to advance questions so that this video caters to everyone at any stage of learning machine learning.

5 things to do right now if your Yahoo account was hacked


If you've just logged into your Yahoo email and read an urgent security letter from the Yahoo team saying that your account has been compromised, you are one of the more than a billion users that have been hacked. The massive data breach actually happened in August 2013 but was just revealed by the company. It's separate to an incident from 2014 and is believed to affect names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, MD5-hashed passwords (a form of encryption now widely considered insecure) and security question answers, according to the company. Yahoo said it is notifying potentially affected users and has taken steps to secure their accounts, including asking users to change their passwords. If you haven't changed your username and password since August 2013 (the time when the hack occurred) it's time to do it immediately.

Determining the Plausibility of Answers to Questions

AAAI Conferences

This paper describes AnswerOK, a system which determines whether the answer to a question is plausible. While not a question-answering system itself, it could be used by question-answering systems to check the plausibility of possible answers found in a large corpus (i.e., the TREC Q/A task). We explain the strategies used by AnswerOK, and present results which suggest that AnswerOK would likely improve the performance of many TREC Q/A systems.