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What Really is Blockchain? (For Dummies) - Udemy


Get your team access to Udemy's top 2,000 courses anytime, anywhere. This course will help you learn how Blockchain is transforming life. This guide will make you learn Blockchain, which includes everything from smart contracts to Governmental approach to Blockchain, and will set you well on your way to Blockchain and Bitcoin mastery. You'll learn the key aspects around Blockchain including: If you want to know the application aspects of Blockchain then this course is for you. This is Promo Video for What Really is Blockchain?

EMYCIN: A Knowledge Engineer’s Tool for Constructing Rule-Based Expert Systems


This chapter from the Mycin book is a brief overview of van Melle's Ph.D. dissertation (Stanford, Computer Science), and is a shortened and edited version of a paper appearing in Pergamon-lnfotech state of the art report on machine intelligence, pp. 249-263. Maidenhead, Berkshire, U.K.: Infotech Ltd., 1981. Mycin Book (1984)

Samsung Phones Could Soon Offer Video Chat-Based Medical Consultations In The UK

International Business Times

A new report claims Samsung Electronics could soon offer medical consultations with doctors through its smartphones in the U.K. The consultations will reportedly take place via video chat, and the doctors could get access to patients' symptoms through the Health app. Earlier this week, Financial Times reported that Samsung has partnered with subscription health service provider Babylon on a new project that could benefit a lot of consumers. The team-up between the two companies is said to allow Samsung phones sold in The U.K. to come equipped with Babylon's AI-powered medical consultation technology. This means users can have medical consultations via video chat with doctors through this technology. The technology is expected to offer users the option to arrange video consultations with a doctor, so they could have their symptoms checked through the Health app.