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Introduction to Data Science in Python Coursera


One downside for me was that being new to Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy etc, I found the amount of new information being thrown at me to be a bit overwhelming. Each of these languages/packages could be a separate course even before you start talking about Data Analysis concepts. I was able to complete all the assignments, but I feel like I know "just enough to be dangerous". Speaking of the assignments, if you're a newbie like me, give yourself plenty of time to complete to work on them. My rule of thumb was to multiply the "estimated time" for each assignment by a factor of 4. The assignment that was supposed to take 2 hours ended up taking my whole Saturday and the 4 hour project at the end of the course pretty much consumed an entire weekend.

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HPE, Mellanox, Cumulus, Datera, Scality and WekaIO discuss the vision of IT leaders for software defined everything that transforms data centers into private clouds with simplicity and composability in automated operations. Fill out the form to watch the full video.

From Insights to Interventions: Informed Design of Discussion Affordances for Natural Collaborative Exchange

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Despite studies showing collaboration to be beneficial both in terms of student satisfaction and learning, isolation is the norm in MOOCs. Two problems limiting the success of collaboration in MOOCs are the lack of support for team formation and structured collaboration support. Lack of support and strategies for team formation prevents teams from being set up for success from the beginning. Lack of structured support during synchronous collaboration has been demonstrated to produce significantly less learning than supported collaboration. This paper describes a deliberation based team formation approach and a scripted collaboration framework for MOOCs aimed at addressing these problems under the umbrella of Discussion Affordances for Natural Collaborative Exchange (DANCE) whose overarching focus is the enhancement of team-based MOOCs. These two examples of current work have been used as illustrations of insights informing interventions in MOOCs.

TIA to Host Virtual Policy Forum on 5G Trust And Supply Chain Security


The Telecommunications Industry Association, an industry association for connected industries like the IoT, recently announced a virtual policy forum featuring prominent government speakers from around the globe. On July 30, speakers reportedly will discuss how countries are addressing security challenges in the 5G era and examine the potential for unified, international approaches to information and communications technology (ICT) supply chain risk management. Opening Remarks will begin the event with David Stehlin, CEO, TIA. The the panel will begin. The virtual event will take place July 30, from 9:00-10:00 a.m.