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Friday Focus: Volvo's Smart Societies


The company's scenario involves fully automated container ships travelling between ports, with minimal personnel requirements and moving all round the clock, monitored from start-to-finish by a control centre. A vessel will slow down when it's approaching its destination and docks itself at the pier. A container loader, equipped with autonomous and electric technology, will automatically unloads the container onto another autonomous vehicle. Volvo Group goes onto demonstrate how the cargo leaves the port through an automatic, secure gate. The autonomous vehicles then form an autonomous connected driving convoy.

Prince Daniel attends artificial intelligence seminar


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that's increasingly being explored around the world and on Thursday, Prince Daniel attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences's (IVA) Science & Society Forum seminar to learn more about the subject. During the event, held at IVA Konferenscenter in Stockholm, the Prince heard lectures from researchers, professors and experts on AI. "AI offers incredible opportunities – everything from better medical diagnostics and self-driving cars to individualised services and efficient warehouse management," IVA said on their website. "The potential for value-creation and efficiency gains in organisations, in society and for individuals is enormous. But increased awareness is needed about the fact that these gains must be weighed against ethical considerations. How can we create an overview and traceability, and steer AI towards more long-term, sustainable ethical principles? How can AI be part of people's daily lives without the social, ethical and legal consequences getting out of control?"

Zimbabwe Civil Society Calls for Post-Mugabe 'National Dialogue'

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HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's Platform for Concerned Citizens, a civil society group, called on Tuesday for a far-reaching national dialogue involving all political parties to help plot a new course for the country after the resignation of Robert Mugabe.

Rare Bibles to Be Exhibited at NY Historical Society

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"In God We Trust" runs from April 17 to June 23 at the New-York Historical Society. Announced Monday, the exhibit includes the first book of any kind printed in British North America. The so-called "Bay Psalm Book" was published in 1640, and only 11 copies of the first edition are known to exist.

Flat Earth Society tells Elon Musk that Mars is round

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It's a claim that enrages most scientists, and now Elon Musk has poked fun at those who believe the Earth is flat.