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It marries advanced production and operations techniques with smart digital technologies to create a digital enterprise. These enterprises are not only be interconnected and autonomous but could communicate, analyze, and use data to drive further intelligent action back in the physical world. Industry 4.0 has raised the discussion about the digitalization of industry to a new level. Both product and Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) are essential when the consistent digitalization of value creation becomes a prerequisite for further development. Also, the gradual integration of the operational technology (OT) of the plant and the Information technology (IT) is redefining monolithic MOM/MES systems into a new paradigm of IIOT apps.

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Hitachi can help you digitally transform manufacturing to reach entirely new levels of operational efficiency. We focus on helping you deliver measurable business outcomes: more customized products and services--faster, at lower cost, with higher quality and a reduced environmental footprint. We'll work with you to co-create solutions that address your biggest challenges--from quality to mass customization, from water and energy use to enabling new business models.

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Discover real-world applications that will help you gain insights and best practices for improving operations, driving innovation, and reducing risk to make your business a market leader.

Lenovo Launches China Industrial Big Data Application Alliance To Boost Smart Manufacturing


Lenovo Group Ltd. has teamed up with China Electronics Standardization Institution to launch an Industrial Big Data Application Alliance to support the utilization of industrial big data.

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There is a critical need to hire people who can mine these bits and bytes of information and work more closely with customers to use the data to improve equipment performance and open new revenue streams. Indeed, the anticipated efficiency returns from digitization over the next five years across all major industrial sectors are substantial: nearly 3 percent in additional revenue and 3.6 percent in reduced costs per year, according to a recent PwC survey of companies. By proactively leading the digitization effort, industrial manufacturers can earn a growing portion of these gains.