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HERE Technologies launches mobility services marketplace


Here Technologies announced its Open Mobility Marketplace at CES 2018 that serves as a hub for supplying and requesting mobility services. Not only will it connect customers with suppliers, the Open Mobility Marketplace will allow customers to compare prices of mobility services in one central portal.

Facebook adds AI to its eBay-style Marketplace to automatically add price suggestions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It was originally designed to rival Craigslist. And, now its totally eclipsed the defunct site, Facebook have enhanced their eBay-style Marketplace with artificial intelligence. The new feature, which launched on Tuesday to mark the site's second anniversary, will streamline the service by automatically adding price suggestions to listings. It will also include an auto-categorisation feature to make selling easier. Currently, Facebook utilises AI to automatically enhance the images uploaded by sellers - improving their brightness or saturation, for example.

BMW, GE Commit Millions to Digital Manufacturing Marketplace

U.S. News

"When you talk about the long tail of the internet that has helped retailers, for example – through Amazon and other sites, they can sell their products all across the country, when previously they were just very local storefronts – that opportunity hasn't existed for manufacturers," says Randy Altschuler, the company's co-founder and CEO. "And Xometry is a platform which unlocks that and allows all these manufacturers across the country, with tremendous skill sets and with billions of dollars invested in machinery, to use those skills and help customers all across the country."

New Facebook service aims to make apartment hunting easier

Washington Post - Technology News

Technology has already transformed the search for an apartment and a roommate along with every other social interaction. Tech companies have been entering the real estate market for a while now, disrupting the traditional method of working with a real estate agent or broker to find a place to live. Before that, Craigslist began connecting renters and owners without agents.

10 best sites and services to sell used tech


At the end of each year, many of us attempt to turn the technology we no longer need into cash. You could be cleaning out the drawers or closets to which you banished old gadgets. Perhaps you treated yourself to a Surface Studio or MacBook Pro and need some extra money to pay for that pricey new computer. Whatever your reason, selling used tech is much easier today than in the past. You used to have to make multiple decisions just to create a new eBay listing.