Machine learning for subgroup discovery under treatment effect Machine Learning

In many practical tasks it is needed to estimate an effect of treatment on individual level. For example, in medicine it is essential to determine the patients that would benefit from a certain medicament. In marketing, knowing the persons that are likely to buy a new product would reduce the amount of spam. In this chapter, we review the methods to estimate an individual treatment effect from a randomized trial, i.e., an experiment when a part of individuals receives a new treatment, while the others do not. Finally, it is shown that new efficient methods are needed in this domain.

The problem of the development ontology-driven architecture of intellectual software systems Artificial Intelligence

The paper describes the architecture of the intelligence system for automated design of ontological knowledge bases of domain areas and the software model of the management GUI (Graphical User Interface) subsystem

About Algorithm for Transformation of Logic Functions (ATLF) Artificial Intelligence

In this article the algorithm for transformation of logic functions which are given by truth tables is considered. The suggested algorithm allows the transformation of many-valued logic functions with the required number of variables and can be looked in this sense as universal.

Putin's Instagram influencer circle includes famous hockey star


Ya know, the Russian government's pulled a lot of shit on the United States lately, but I did not expect them to reveal that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the drafting of Russian star Alexander Ovechkin to the Washington Capitals back in 2004 all so Putin could tap the hockey man to lead a pro-Putin propaganda effort from inside the U.S. capital. Can you prove that's not what happened? The real news is this: Ovechkin really is a Russian star for the Washington Capitals. As you can tell from the photo above, he really does occasionally pal around with Putin. And by posting to Instagram on Thursday, he really did seem to launch some sort of pro-Putin social media movement ahead of the Russian presidential "election" coming up in March.

Russian politician on 'ministerial diet' challenge loses 6kg

BBC News

In times of austerity governments are under pressure to tighten the purse strings and the Saratov regional assembly in western Russia is no exception. One local politician, Communist Party Deputy Nikolay Bondarenko, who uses social media to document his work, has taken on a challenge to live on 3,500 rubles (£40, or US$52) a month. This is the amount the Saratov government suggests the average citizen would spend on food and drink, thus justifying the slight increase in the local pension of 288 rubles a month. His confrontation about the increase with Natalya Sokolova, regional minister for social policy, has been viewed more than 850,000 times on YouTube. He asked her to try feeding herself on such a budget, but she declined, offering to compile him a balanced menu and to recommend shops to buy discounted items.