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Examples are not enough, learn to criticize! Criticism for Interpretability

Neural Information Processing Systems

Example-based explanations are widely used in the effort to improve the interpretability of highly complex distributions. However, prototypes alone are rarely sufficient to represent the gist of the complexity. In order for users to construct better mental models and understand complex data distributions, we also need {\em criticism} to explain what are \textit{not} captured by prototypes. Motivated by the Bayesian model criticism framework, we develop \texttt{MMD-critic} which efficiently learns prototypes and criticism, designed to aid human interpretability. A human subject pilot study shows that the \texttt{MMD-critic} selects prototypes and criticism that are useful to facilitate human understanding and reasoning. We also evaluate the prototypes selected by \texttt{MMD-critic} via a nearest prototype classifier, showing competitive performance compared to baselines.

A proto-particular path to corals


Coral skeletons form less directly than has long been thought.

Space Photos of the Week: 410 Lights Years Away, a Proto-Saturn Comes to Life


Strap in, because this week's lineup takes us around our solar system and far out into the universe. We're going to linger at a young star called AS 209. A member of a young star forming region called Ophiuchus, this baby planet currently has a proto-planetary disc around it: a ring of dust and gas, left over from star formation, that eventually forms into planets. As each speck gathers more and more material, it can grow into a rocky planet like our own, become enveloped in thick clouds like Venus, or even grow into a gas giant like Jupiter or Saturn.

Robot Sci-Fi Short "PROTO" Provides Glimpse Of Our Near Future


It is a story worth watching and enjoying on its own. It just so happens that the entertainment is thought provoking and deals with robots and artificial intelligence, two great standbys of science fiction, and two key topics of

'Dead or Alive' singer Pete Burns, proto-Goth icon of the '80s, dies


Pete Burns, the vivacious and androgynous frontman for British pop and New Wave band Dead or Alive, died Sunday from cardiac arrest, his management confirmed Monday. Dead or Alive's biggest hit was also its first -- "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" -- which charted around the world and peaked at No. 11 in the U.S. in 1985. The band, known as much for its proto-Goth style as its music, had a handful of lesser hits including "Brand New Lover" and "Something in My House." SEE ALSO: Don't call it'Oldchella': Desert Trip proved that rock gods never fade away Burns, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, went through extensive rounds of plastic surgery around that time and significantly altered his appearance, which he talked openly about in interviews and a television special. At one point he won a significant settlement from his surgeon for a lip procedure gone wrong.