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Scala Programming For Beginners Complete Guide*


In this course you are going to learn Scala Programming. The course is designed to the point and from very beginning. This course is Totally for the Beginners Who do not have any concept in Scala. After completing this course you get a basic overview about Scala Programming. Scala is one of the Hot Demanding Language in 2017!

Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min.


I will take your through a series of lectures and tutorials on python programming. I'll be teaching how to program using python language from scratch, starting from installation to set you up for advanced concepts Python is a programming language is well-known for being dynamic and simple to use, mainly because it allows the programmers to use a method rich in styles, instead of doing in a specific way. It also features the possibility of extending over other customization interfaces. With this being said, now you know we will refer to the "Python from Beginner to Expert: Starter Free" Course and the tools offered. But before, you need to know that the Python Programming is full of virtues and benefits, mostly in terms of easiness and accessibility.

R: Programming and Data Science - Udemy


Are you looking forward to enter into the data science world? Or are you a data scientist and want to explore R to make your job easier? If yes, this course is ideal for you. R is one of the leading languages which is preferred in the data science world. It is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics and is highly extensible.

RBED: Reward Based Epsilon Decay Artificial Intelligence

$\varepsilon$-greedy is a policy used to balance exploration and exploitation in many reinforcement learning setting. In cases where the agent uses some on-policy algorithm to learn optimal behaviour, it makes sense for the agent to explore more initially and eventually exploit more as it approaches the target behaviour. This shift from heavy exploration to heavy exploitation can be represented as decay in the $\varepsilon$ value, where $\varepsilon$ depicts the how much an agent is allowed to explore. This paper proposes a new approach to this $\varepsilon$ decay where the decay is based on feedback from the environment. This paper also compares and contrasts one such approach based on rewards and compares it against standard exponential decay. The new approach, in the environments tested, produces more consistent results that on average perform better.

Python for Trading & Investing Udemy


There are so many different trading or investing approaches as people in the market. Many existing tools support the most common ones, but if you really want to success with an innovative practice, you have to build it on your own. Due to its characteristics, Python is being adopted by the financial industry as its reference programming language. But Python is not expensive as other financials tools are, in fact it is completely free. And it is not difficult to learn.