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Colchester castle rangers give mouth-to-mouth to fish

BBC News

Park rangers have given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a number of fish after the tank they were in was slashed. Forty-five "much loved" fish died at Castle Park in Colchester, Essex, on Wednesday while their pond was cleaned and they were in a container. Park staff rushed to save a number of fish, managing to successfully resuscitate some of the larger ones. An 18-year-old man has been charged with theft and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. Colchester Borough Council said most of the water in the tank was lost, resulting in the death of "45 fish - including all of the oldest, rarest and most valuable Koi Carp that had lived in the pond for many years".

Adorable little dog was reportedly saved by mouth-to-nose resuscitation


You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who knows doggy CPR, so when man's best friend is in trouble, improvisation is key. Glenn Rowe, a farmer from Wimmera in Australia, claimed he saved the life of his kelpie Jack when the dog was lifeless after accidentally strangling himself on a lead attached to a quad bike. "I thought crikey, he's not looking too good, he was all glassy eyed -- yeah, he was cactus," Rowe told radio station 3AW. Rowe leapt into action by giving the dog a bit of improvised CPR. The farmer pumped him on the chest, which wasn't effective.

Man, 18, Dies in Apparent Drowning in Nature Preserve

U.S. News

Authorities says the officer jumped into the water and pulled the victim to shore, then started resuscitation efforts. First responders from the township arrived and continued resuscitation efforts, but the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. His name wasn't immediately released.

Alfie Evans' dad giving toddler mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to 'keep him alive'

FOX News

Alfie Evans cuddles his mother Kate James (left) at Alder Hey Hospital, Liverpool, England. The boy's father, Tom Evans, is pictured on the right. Alfie Evans' parents are tonight giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a desperate bid to keep him alive after a court ruled he cannot be flown to Italy for treatment. Tom Evans said he and Alfie's mum Kate have been forced to help Alfie's breathing after "his lips turned blue." Speaking outside Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool, U.K., heartbroken Tom added: "We were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life.

Resuscitation orders 'kept from families'

BBC News

Thousands of people are having "do not resuscitate" orders imposed on them without their families' consent, an audit of dying patients has found. The Royal College of Physicians' audit of 9,000 patients found one in five families had not been told orders had been imposed on their relative. Prof Sam Ahmedzai told the Telegraph it is "unforgivable" not to tell families. NHS England said there had been improvements in end-of-life care, but that more could be done. The audit estimated that 200,000 patients a year are issued with an order not to attempt CPR if they stop breathing.