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Want to Know How Automation Is Revolutionizing Healthcare Sector?


In the past few years, the healthcare industry has undergone an ample amount of changes. These changes are more in the ways how the healthcare industry stores data. Moving backward in our distant past, remind us of the old paper-based method to keep health records. It doesn't exist anymore in our present. Instead, we have new data-keeping methods, i.e., online digital records where storing & sharing information is easy.

18 AI Applications / Usecases / Examples in Healthcare in 2021


AI, computer vision and machine learning systems proved that machines are better and faster than humans analyzing big data. Today, organizations have large datasets of patient data and insights about diseases through techniques like Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS). Using AI, healthcare providers can analyze and interpret the available patient data more precisely for early diagnosis and better treatment. Today, it is possible to say whether a person has the chance to get cancer from a selfie using computer vision and machine learning to detect increased bilirubin levels in a person's sclera, the white part of the eye. As the interest in AI in the healthcare industry continues to grow, there are numerous current AI applications, and more use cases will emerge in the future.

US healthcare -- the cloud computing sequel, part 1


US healthcare lags far behind in the adoption of cloud computing. Is the industry with its regulations and mission critical nature too complicated for cloud solutions? Is it just a matter of time? How will the future unfold and what are its implications today? Juxtaposing the ongoing history of cloud with a deeper dive into the healthcare industry can help us unlock story of the healthcare sequel of cloud computing.

R Packages: A Healthcare Application


Building off my last post, I want to use the same healthcare data to demonstrate the use of R packages. Packages in R are stored in libraries and often are pre-installed, but reaching the next level of skill requires being able to know when to use new packages and what they contain. With that let's get to our example. When working with vectors and strings, especially in cleaning up data, gsub makes cleaning data much simpler. In my healthcare data, I wanted to convert dollar values to integers (ie.

How AI Will Be Used to Advance Healthcare in the Future


The outbreak of the global pandemic has led to increased awareness and realization amongst the people about how technological advancements and innovations can be leveraged to help organizations and individuals to cope up with the drastic changes the world is witnessing across all levels. Consumers and their changing needs drive different industries. The way patients are consuming healthcare services is evolving, especially after the COVID-19, the consumer behavior has changed drastically. Pandemic, changing patients' needs and technological advancements are some of the few factors which are accelerating to change the dynamics of the healthcare industry. Patients are expecting new virtual and digital healthcare services from the healthcare institutions and to cater to those expectations, healthcare facilities have to change their work processes.