The Angle: Divorcing While Female Edition


Does it seem like Democratic presidents have been picking relatively centrist judges for the Supreme Court lately, while Republicans have tapped unabashed conservatives? Lawrence Baum and Neal Devins have looked at the record and confirmed that this is, indeed, the case. "Merrick Garland's nomination reflects the practice of recent Democratic presidents to balance ideology with other goals by appointing moderate liberals," they write. "In sharp contrast, our research shows that Republican presidents over the past 25 years have put ideology first by appointing strong conservatives to the court."

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A video from a 2014 marketing summit and a Sri Lankan political opinion piece from the start of this week provided some thought-provoking insight into a form of reductionism and generalisation. This kind of thinking is not just misleading, for campaigns it is a dangerous trap that can undermine communications and marketing. The idiosyncratic (and always thought-provoking) musings of Zizek aside, ideology has a hugely important but often misunderstood role in the current era of campaigns. It is also one of the four primary criteria in the disruption model of politics. It is crucial to draw a distinction between ideology and policies in this context.

Will Austria's government really crack down on the far right?

Al Jazeera

The Austrian government says it will not tolerate "dangerous ideologies" and that it's now considering disbanding the far-right Identitarian Movement and investigating whether it is a "terrorist" organisation. The announcement on Wednesday came after it was revealed that the movement's leader, Martin Sellner, received nearly $1,700 from the man accused of perpetrating two mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier this month. Sellner has denied any ties to the suspected attacker. Austria's far-right Freedom Party, which entered government in December 2017, has distanced himself from the Identitarians, while Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says radical ideologies are not welcome in Austria.

Giant Concrete Swastika Discovered Beneath German Sports Field

International Business Times

A massive concrete swastika was discovered in Germany last week while a construction crew was excavating a foundation for new locker rooms at an athletic field.

Yale student pushes back on campus culture: School now 'saturated' by only left-wing ideology

FOX News

A Yale student is pushing back against the culture on campus, arguing Monday that students are only being exposed to one set of ideas. "Students need to be exposed to ideas that are uncomfortable to them to become better leaders. Yale is becoming saturated by a particular ideology and, when you become saturated by one ideology, it can stunt your intellectual and emotional growth," said Esteban Elizondo, lamenting that climate protesters disrupted last weekend's Harvard-Yale football game. The Yale senior and research assistant told "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt that he believes the problems are not rooted with professors and faculty, but with the "non-academic bureaucracy that is suffocating the university with its leftist agendas." Elizondo said the protesters who stormed onto the field last Saturday have an "unwarranted sense of moral superiority" and are being "empowered" by university leaders.