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Why artificial intelligence might trigger a nuclear war


Well before Terminator robots rise and attack us, AI could help us destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons, warns a new study. The news: A RAND Corporation report concludes that military adoption of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies could have a destabilizing effect over the next couple of decades, and lead one nation to take the nuclear option. Details: Strategic stability provided by "mutually assured destruction" might be undermined if AI offers a new--and vastly better--way to target an adversary's weapons systems, the report says. The report's findings are drawn from information collected through workshops including experts on nuclear weapons, national security, government policy, and AI. The study also suggests that, under some scenarios, AI could help preserve strategic stability, by providing new ways of gathering and analyzing information about nuclear capabilities.

Russia has underwater drone that can carry nuclear bombs

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Russia possesses a drone submarine capable of carrying the world's largest nuclear warheads, a leaked Pentagon report claims. The existence of the underwater nuclear carrier has been rumoured in the past, but the leaked draft of Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review confirmed this. The Pentagon report warns of Russia's determination to continue to boost its nuclear weapons reserve while the U.S. had been scaling down. It's real: The existence of the underwater nuclear carrier, pictured in an artist's impression, has been rumoured in the past, but the leaked draft of the Pentagon report confirmed its existence The drone submarine is able to carry 100-megaton warheads, the largest such weapons available, according to Newsweek. The draft of the report, first published by the Huffington Post, contains a graphic illustrating new nuclear delivery vehicles developed in the US, Russia, North Korea and China respectively since 2010.

Scientists fear turning over launch systems for nuclear missiles to artificial intelligence will lead to real-life "Terminator" event, wiping out all humans


One of the most popular movie franchises of our time is the "Terminator" series, launched back in the early 1980s and featuring six-time Mr. America bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger as a futuristic humanoid killing machine As noted by Great Power War, the backstory to the film is that the creation of the nearly-invincible cyborg Terminators stemmed from a "SkyNet" computer system that controlled U.S. nuclear weapons and "got smart," eventually seeing all humans as its enemy. So, in one fell swoop, the system launched its missiles at pre-programmed targets, which, of course, invited a second-strike counter-launch and created a nuclear holocaust that nearly destroyed all of humankind. While the Terminator series never really identified the'smart' SkyNet computer system as having artificial intelligence, some years later after AI became more of a thing it was understood that's the kind of system the fictional SkyNet operated. The "machine-learning" aspect of AI is how SkyNet "got smart" one day and launched the nuclear payloads it controlled. But the Terminator series are just movies, right?

Will artificial intelligence undermine nuclear stability?


Edward Geist is an associate policy analyst at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND... Andrew J. Lohn is an engineer at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation. Artificial intelligence and nuclear war have been fiction clichés for decades. Today's AI is impressive to be sure, but specialized, and remains a far cry from computers that become self-aware and turn against their creators. At the same time, popular culture does not do justice to the threats that modern AI indeed presents, such as its potential to make nuclear war more likely even if it never exerts direct control over nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the military significance of AI when he declared in September that the country that leads in artificial intelligence will eventually rule the world.