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How Social Media Is Transforming The Trading World

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Intelligent investors have discovered how social media can help identify, understand, and address clients' needs. The goal is to be aware of what the masses are looking for from a particular company. Being involved in social media gives traders a way to have their fingers on the pulse of how their target customer and existing client base react to certain news or market events. When a trader can do this while the competition lags on their digital transformation, they can gain the advantage. In fact, the ability to take this understanding of their customer and the market and predict what is likely to happen can generate real gains for clients, going beyond expectations.

Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots for 2018Top 5 Bitcoin Trading Bots for 2018 - Altcoin Today


When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, a lot of users prefer an automated approach. Although there are a few trading platforms which offer built-in algorithmic trading, trading bots are also very popular. It is interesting to see how the landscape has evolved in this regard. Although Gekko has been around for a while – and it was mentioned in our previous article on Bitcoin trading bots – it is a project which continues to evolve. Given its free and open-source nature, there is nothing one can genuinely dislike about the tool.

Goldman Sachs to Pay $109.5 Million for Trading Violations

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Goldman is the latest big bank ensnared in a multiyear scandal where currency traders at major Wall Street firms got caught using electronic chat rooms to talk about their customers' orders. By sharing customer order information, traders were able to distort the $5.3 trillion foreign exchange market to their benefit. The traders used nicknames like "the cartel" to describe their illegal activities.

Gordon Gekko makes way for trading software

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BRAD BAILEY was visiting the trading floor of an investment bank in New York City when he first noticed it. As a former Wall Street trader, he should have felt at home amid all the screens, phones and bustle of billions of dollars in trades. But that was just it: there wasn't any bustle. In fact, there were hardly any traders. "You could hear a pin drop," he recalls.

Dollar below ¥113.50 on lower U.S. Treasury yields

The Japan Times

Ahead of a three-day weekend in the United States, the dollar drifted generally below ¥113.50 in Tokyo trading Friday after sliding to near ¥113 in overseas trading on overnight falls in long-term U.S. Treasury yields. At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at ¥113.42-42, down from ¥113.94-95 at the same time Thursday. The euro was at $1.0654-0655, up from $1.0611-0612, and at ¥120.85-86, down from ¥120.92-92. The greenback remained top-heavy in Tokyo, despite support from regular purchases by Japanese importers and Tokyo stocks' paring of initial losses, as well as a rebound in U.S. Treasury yields in off-hours trading. "Uncertainty over the U.S. administration (of President Donald Trump) is hurting investor sentiment, holding dollar purchases in check," an official at a currency margin trading service provider said.