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U.N. Denies Arrested Reuters Reporters in Myanmar Had Given It Information

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A report published online by the Irrawaddy magazine on Tuesday had cited an unnamed source "who has close ties with military intelligence" as saying that the two men had passed photographs obtained during their reporting on violence in the western state of Rakhine to the U.N.

New York Times reporters' tweets will appear in its paper edition


The paper's intro section will also spotlight the most popular online posts, but including tweets is about more than relaxing the walls between the newspaper's digital and tangible versions. It's showing that tomorrow's stories are broken right now on Twitter -- and that the NYT reporters' accounts are part extensions of the paper, part outlets in their own right. As Recode points out, reporters like the organization's White House correspondent Maggie Haberman are augmenting their own coverage and even publishing stories that don't appear in print, online or in the NYT app. Eventually, those tweets will likely find their way into the latter formats.

Congo state TV reporter killed in his home, group says

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The group Journalist in Danger said in a statement Wednesday that the reporter, Marcel Lubala, was shot three times early Tuesday morning at his home in the central town of Mbuji-Mayi. The group said his body was dragged in front of his wife, who had been tied up.

The Future of Retail - Business Reporter


Not so long ago, the retail conversation was dominated by the demise of traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, and their equally inevitable replacement by the shiny new world of online shopping and e-commerce. Why bother tramping into town on a rainy day to put up with surly shop assistants and a lack of choice, the argument went, when you could get anything you wanted delivered the next day, often at a far lower cost? But reports of the death of the high street have been greatly exaggerated. And although online retail may be quick, convenient and more cost-effective, it can also leave retailers in the dark when it comes to who their customers are and what they actually want. Savvier companies are now tapping into the huge reserve of customer data that physical stores can harvest, using technology to improve the customer journey, and building a vibrant retail future from the best aspects of physical and virtual shopping experiences.

BuzzFeed Reporter in China Says Ministry Has Declined to Renew Her Visa

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Resident foreign reporters are generally issued visas that must be renewed every year. The government has occasionally in the past declined to renew or grant new visas for foreign reporters whose stories it has not liked.