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Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah launch their campaigns for the 'Dishonest Media Awards'


Who needs an Emmy when you can have a meaningless award issued by our slightly unhinged, wannabe authoritarian president?

Media Training Tips And Techniques TJ Walker


Imagine debating your local or national TV preacher or theocratic politician on TV or radio and winning! You can look comfortable on TV, deliver a clear and understandable message, and speak in memorable sound bites. You can communicate your secular activist principles and worldview to the media and to the nation. Currently, the forces against secular thinking are better at controlling and even owning the media. That's why they define the terms of debate.

Artificial Intelligence to Now Help News Media Companies


Artificial Intelligence has been showing its presence in almost every field from sports to weather. But something that has long been coming and expected is the implementation of AI in news. News media has always been a target for Artificial Intelligence. And especially that is something that is needed more than ever before. Today, news organisations, let alone the regular person determine which news is trustworthy and which is not.

EU blasts Russia's 'foreign agent' media law as 'threat to free and independent media'

The Japan Times

BRUSSELS – The Russian law classing international media organizations operating in the country as "foreign agents" is a "threat to free and independent media," the European Union said Sunday.

Press Release Distribution to Major News & Media Outlets


Keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends and news by engaging with targeted media contacts. From over 1.6 million contacts, find the exact journalists to pitch your story to. We provide insights to help you perfect the art of the pitch. Personalize your campaign, schedule who and when to distribute it to, forge meaningful relationships with your lists and see the results as they happen in real-time.