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We consider the problem of obtaining coherence in a propositional knowledge base using techniques from Belief Change. Our motivation comes from the field of formal ontologies where coherence is interpreted to mean that a concept name has to be satisfiable. In the propositional case we consider here, this translates to a propositional formula being satisfiable. We define belief change operators in a framework of nonmonotonic preferential reasoning.We show how the introduction of defeasible information using contraction operators can be an effective means for obtaining coherence.

Defeasible Inheritance-Based Description Logics

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Defeasible inheritance networks are a non-monotonic framework that deals with hierarchical knowledge. On the other hand, rational closure is acknowledged as a landmark of the preferential approach to non-monotonic reasoning. We will combine these two approaches and define a new non-monotonic closure operation for propositional knowledge bases that combines the advantages of both. Then we redefine such a procedure for Description Logics (DLs), a family of logics well-suited to model structured information. In both cases we will provide a simple reasoning method that is built on top of the classical entailment relation and, thus, is amenable of an implementation based on existing reasoners. Eventually, we evaluate our approach on well-known landmark test examples.

Poet Nikki Giovanni Shares Memories, Tears in New Collection

U.S. News

The 74-year-old Giovanni has been candidly sharing her views on the state of the world and the state of her life for 50 years, but sees her new work, "A Good Cry," as her closest to "confessional." She has written before with intimate passion about race and revolution, love and sex, food and childhood and the heroes and villains she has encountered. But she still believes she has held back some feelings, at risk to her health. She had meant to call her book "Surveillance," because she calls observation the poet's job, but a conversation with her doctor inspired a new title. Giovanni explained that she had had a seizure and her doctor told her that her blood pressure was high and she needed rest.

Sicilian Mafia: Anger as 'people slayer' Giovanni Brusca freed

BBC News

One of the most gruesome was the killing of Giuseppe Di Matteo, the 11-year-old son of another mafioso who had betrayed him. Brusca had the boy kidnapped and tortured before he was strangled and his body dissolved in acid - as a result, the child's family couldn't bury him.