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Facial recognition has to be regulated to protect the public, says AI report

MIT Technology Review

Artificial intelligence has made major strides in the past few years, but those rapid advances are now raising some big ethical conundrums. Chief among them is the way machine learning can identify people's faces in photos and video footage with great accuracy. This might let you unlock your phone with a smile, but it also means that governments and big corporations have been given a powerful new surveillance tool. A new report from the AI Now Institute (large PDF), an influential research institute based in New York, has just identified facial recognition as a key challenge for society and policymakers. The speed at which facial recognition has grown comes down to the rapid development of a type of machine learning known as deep learning.

China races ahead in public use of facial-recognition technology, for good or for ill

The Japan Times

SHANGHAI – From toilet-paper dispensers to fast-food restaurants, travel and crime-fighting, China is taking the lead in rolling out facial-recognition technology.

The Weeknd debuts facial alterations for 'Save Your Tears' music video

FOX News

Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines are here. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. The Weeknd is sporting a drastically different look. On Tuesday, the 30-year-old musician dropped a music video to accompany the song "Save Your Tears," from his acclaimed album "After Hours." In the video, the singer -- born Abel Makkonen Tesfaye -- can be seen with drastic facial alterations making him nearly unrecognizable.

Facial Recognition System Can Detect When Sheep Are in Pain - Learning Simplify


If you are a veterinarian or have ever had to take (or even find) your pet to a clinic because you suspected that it was in pain or discomfort, you know how difficult this can be in some cases. However, this may change soon, as researchers at the University of Cambridge have a new tool in hand. Incredibly, the new facial recognition software called the Sheep Pain Facial Expression (SPFES) has achieved a pretty incredible mark: just by looking at a sheep's face, it can determine how much pain it is suffering. It may seem like a pure kick or something technically inaccurate, but it's not quite like that. Briefly, sheep have specific facial expressions for each level of pain they feel, something that can be very subtle and interpretive to the human eye or simply too laborious for those who can understand.

Empathy, Facial Recognition, And Machine Learning


SAP CEO Bill McDermott says, "Everything has to start with empathy for the end user." So, more precisely, what is empathy? It is "The quality of feeling and understanding another person's situation in the present movement and communicating this to the person." A machine's ability to read the "emotion states" of a mind (body language, voice, and facial expression) is critical in the new paradigm of an autonomous system. Empathy changes the way we feel, and more importantly, machines can be trained to recognize, express, and "have" emotions by reading those three emotion states.