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Memory Lane: From 2005 just as Housing Inventory started to Increase


Here are couple of posts from August 2005 when we were looking for the housing top. Inventory was the key – and inventory was just starting to increase. The first photo – from August 2005 – shows four houses in a row for sale in my neighborhood (the signs were everywhere). The second photo – from the 2005 Angry Bear post – was from the O.C. Register showing three in a row. This graph is based on the June 2016 existing home sales report.

Retailers Need Ecommerce and Dynamic Inventory Visibility OrderDynamics


A great example of ecommerce and dynamic inventory visibility working well together came from a discussion with a partner: Episerver. As part of a solid partnership with OrderDynamics, Episerver develops an ecommerce platform as part of the full Digital Experience Cloud system. Our discussions resulted in a great business opportunity for existing and new clients. Part of the Episerver solution is the geolocation capabilities the ecommerce platform (ECP). Simply, this can pinpoint the location of a customer.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform Inventory Management?


The implementation of robust AI solutions will enable organizations to enhance their inventory management with accurate data-driven forecasting. FREMONT, CA: Despite the advances in the logistics sector, many challenges still pervade inventory management. The lack of demand forecasting has often led to excesses and shortages, resulting in substantial losses to the companies. To solve this problem, organizations are spending in millions, employing forecasting experts and software such as ERP, CRM, and EMS to enhance their operations. Organizations have failed to harness the potential of data generated from the various functions of inventory management, including planning, procurement, production, distribution, and fulfillment.

U.S. May Wholesale Inventories Revised Higher

U.S. News

Wholesale auto inventories fell 1.2 percent in May after increasing 0.2 percent in April. Machinery inventories jumped 1.5 percent in May after rising 0.4 percent in April. There were increases in wholesale stocks of professional and computer equipment as well as electrical equipment, metals, lumber, furniture and hardware.

US wholesale inventories up 1 percent in November

U.S. News

For much of the past year, businesses at all levels have been struggling to work down a pile of excess inventories, an effort that has been a drag on overall economic growth. However, economists believe that process is drawing to an end and inventory rebuilding will contribute to stronger growth in the future.