Here's How To Apply Creative Thinking As An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship requires passion, determination, a certain doggedness, and the ability to innovate. Running a small or medium enterprise takes a huge equal amount of courage and a pinch of madness too (I speak from experience!). However, the most important attribute ought to be creativity. Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems and situations from a fresh perspective. It is often called'thinking outside the box' and is all about avoiding the more normal, the most orthodox, the prosaic solution, and instead thinking of innovative ways to tackle a problem.

Interactive Genetic Algorithms for use as Creativity Enhancement Tools

AAAI Conferences

It is proposed that creativity can be enhanced through the use of interactive genetic algorithms (IGAs). Divergent and convergent thinking are important processes in creativity that we simulate through two separate IGA populations developed by different means. The convergent process hones in on specific designs, while the divergent process explore design possibilities in a fashion beyond pure mutation techniques typically used to introduce population diversity. This study uses Monte Carlo simulation to explore the effect of merging two populations developed by the divergent and convergent methods. The results suggest that population diversity benefits from these population combinations while not adversely affecting the ability of the user to find a goal design. This IGA has also been developed in Adobe Flash so that it can be deployed on the internet to conduct validation and studies of creativity.

Need a creativity boost? Try listening to happy background music

New Scientist

Happy background music can help get the creative juices flowing. Simone Ritter, at Radboud University in the Netherlands, and Sam Ferguson, at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, have been studying the effect of silence and different types of music on how we think. "People in lots of contexts use music to help them work," says Ferguson. A better understanding of how different types of music affect creativity is likely to be useful for many people, he says. They put 155 volunteers into five groups.


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A total of 155 people took part in the study and the researchers also found that happy music gave a boost to divergent thinking. "Creativity was higher for participants who listened to'happy music' (i.e., classical music high on arousal and positive mood) while performing the divergent creativity task, than for participants who performed the task in silence. No effect of music was found for convergent creativity," highlights the research paper. In the research titled, "The sound of cooperation: Musical influences on cooperative behavior," lead author Kevin Kniffin, a behavioral scientist, highlighted how employees could be more productive if they listened to happy music.



CloudPainter is an artificially creative painting robot project. It is the sixth collaborative robotic art system that I have made in the past twelve years. My first machine drew simple lines with a paint brush, connect-the-dots. My most recent robots use a custom 3D printed paint head, two robotics arms, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and computational creativity to make an increasing amount of independent aesthetic decisions. Have always wondered what exactly creativity was.