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'I Don't Feel Real': Mental Stress Mounting After Michael

U.S. News

Dr. Irwin Redlener of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University observed widespread, long-lasting psychological effects after Katrina. One study found that, five years after the storm, parents reported more than 37 percent of children had been clinically diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or a behavior disorder.

Eat out scheme causing 'hostility towards staff'

BBC News

Some restaurants and pubs are withdrawing from the Eat Out to Help Out scheme because of "hostility towards staff". Under the scheme the government pays half of the bill on meals served from Monday to Wednesdays throughout August. Owners says a surge in demand on these days has led to staff being shouted at, and "physical and mental stress". In tourist-heavy areas like the South West many say the scheme is not helping at an already busy time of year. Some say fewer customers are dining on other weekdays as a result.

Is Internet Good or Bad?


Internet is a big part in our day-to-day life. Since pandemic it's influence has increased even more. Almost 5 billion people use internet in their day-to day life which is more than half of the world's population. But there has been a long time debate of whether internet is good or bad. Internet is the largest global computer network connecting people around the world.

Study finds exercising in green spaces relieves stress more than going to an indoor gym

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Exercising outdoors relieves stress more than working out indoors, according to a study. Mountain biking and running in landscapes without any buildings were found to have the biggest positive impact on mental health. Psychologists believe it's the calming effect of nature that makes outdoor exercise so stress relieving. The research adds to a swathe of studies that have found exposure to green space is beneficial for our mood. Experts at the University of Roehampton along with a team in Germany, published their findings in the journal Mental Health and Prevention.