Real-world Mapping of Gaze Fixations Using Instance Segmentation for Road Construction Safety Applications Machine Learning

Recent studies have also found that a strong correlation existsbetween viewing patterns of workers, captured using eye-tracking devices, and their hazard recognition performance. Therefore, it is important to analyze the viewing patterns of workers togain a better understanding of their hazard recognition performance. This paper proposes a method that can automatically map the gaze fixations collected using a wearable eye-tracker to the predefined areas of interests. The proposed method detects these areas or objects (i.e., hazards) of interests through a computer vision-based segmentation technique and transfer learning. The mapped fixation data is then used to analyze the viewing behaviors of workers and compute their attention distribution. The proposed method is implemented on an under construction road as a case study to evaluate the performance of the proposed method. Keywords: Hazard recognition, road construction safety, transfer learning, eye-tracking, machine vision 1 INTRODUCTION With an average of nine fatalities every day, construction is one of the most dangerous industries for which to work (1).

Officials Warn Drivers to Watch for Deer Along Roadways

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A statement from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the fall harvest and mating season trigger an increase in deer movement which leads to more accidents. Engineer Wade Clements says more than half of all crashes involving deer occur from October through December.

Oh Dear, Start Watching for Deer on Kentucky Roadways

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Drivers are asked to report all deer-vehicle collisions to police for data collection and monitoring. This allows transportation officials to place signage or take other measures needed to reduce crashes.

Stretch of Byron Roadway Named After Fallen Marine.

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According to published reports, a portion of state Route 72 just on the south side of the bridge in Byron on the Ogle County/DeKalb County Line has been renamed the Lance Corporal Alec E. Catherwood Memorial Road.

Rain pounds Houston as flooded roadways strand motorists

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Flash flood warnings are in effect for the Houston region, where torrential rains prompted officials to close some schools and delay opening many others on Wednesday. Public transportation has been delayed or suspended in the area.