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1st Place Solution for ICDAR 2021 Competition on Mathematical Formula Detection Artificial Intelligence

In this technical report, we present our 1st place solution for the ICDAR 2021 competition on mathematical formula detection (MFD). The MFD task has three key challenges including a large scale span, large variation of the ratio between height and width, and rich character set and mathematical expressions. Considering these challenges, we used Generalized Focal Loss (GFL), an anchor-free method, instead of the anchor-based method, and prove the Adaptive Training Sampling Strategy (ATSS) and proper Feature Pyramid Network (FPN) can well solve the important issue of scale variation. Meanwhile, we also found some tricks, e.g., Deformable Convolution Network (DCN), SyncBN, and Weighted Box Fusion (WBF), were effective in MFD task. Our proposed method ranked 1st in the final 15 teams.

Teaching Temporal Logics to Neural Networks Artificial Intelligence

We show that a deep neural network can learn the semantics of linear-time temporal logic (LTL). As a challenging task that requires deep understanding of the LTL semantics, we show that our network can solve the trace generation problem for LTL: given a satisfiable LTL formula, find a trace that satisfies the formula. We frame the trace generation problem for LTL as a translation task, i.e., to translate from formulas to satisfying traces, and train an off-the-shelf implementation of the Transformer, a recently introduced deep learning architecture proposed for solving natural language processing tasks. We provide a detailed analysis of our experimental results, comparing multiple hyperparameter settings and formula representations. After training for several hours on a single GPU the results were surprising: the Transformer returns the syntactically equivalent trace in 89% of the cases on a held-out test set. Most of the "mispredictions", however, (and overall more than 99% of the predicted traces) still satisfy the given LTL formula.

Excel formula tips: How to troubleshoot by tracing dependents and precedents


When your spreadsheet has formulas piled on top of formulas, tracking and repairing errors would be agony if it weren't for Excel's Precedents and Dependents: cells that are referred to by a formula in another cell, and cells that contain formulas that refer to other cells, respectively. The next time you need to find out how the formula in C100 affects the formula in E175, which impacts the results in cell G225, try this technique. To view all the relationships between the cells in your spreadsheets, position your cursor on a cell with a formula that affects other cells (a Precedent) or choose a cell that contains information based on the results of other cells (a Dependent). In this article's example, open a spreadsheet with multiple formulas. Position your cursor on one of the formulas and press Ctrl Shift ] (specifically: press and hold the Ctrl key and the Shift key with your left hand, then press the right bracket key with your right hand, then release all three keys).

Advanced Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions


Excel formulas and functions are very important in the daily life, especially in cooperative world to obtain the meaningful massage to managerial people to decision making and They are essential to manipulating data and obtaining useful information from your Excel workbooks. Without Excel formulas and functions, it is difficult to take important decisions. Welcome to Advanced Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions course. The Advanced Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions course covered Advanced Popular Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions. I Hope "The Course is much essential for excel users ".

Formula 1: Dear F1 - please be more unpredictable in 2018

BBC News

There are a number of unwanted anniversaries being'celebrated' by the teams hoping to rival Mercedes for the F1 titles this season, so we are not the only ones hoping 2018 is a little less predictable. The 2018 season is live on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC Sport website, and gets under way with the Australian Grand Prix from 23-26 March.