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Microsoft to offer option of 16 years of Windows Server, SQL Server support through new Premium Assurance program


Microsoft is introducing a new support offering for customers with Software Assurance on December 8. The company is rolling out in early 2017 Windows Server Premium Assurance and SQL Server Premium Assurance, which add six more years of support beyond the current 10. During the six years of Premium Assurance, customers will get Security updates and bulletins that are rated "Critical or "Important." Microsoft officials said in a blog post that the new extended support will help those who need to "continue to meet compliance requirements and ensure security on systems you aren't ready to update." They also are positioning the extended support option as offering "flexibility as you move to the cloud."

Industry Temperature Check: Barriers and Enablers to AI Assurance - GOV.UK


To support delivery of the Roadmap to an effective AI assurance ecosystem published in December 2021, the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) launched its AI Assurance Programme. In its first year, the programme has focused on gaining a better understanding of current levels of industry engagement with AI assurance, to best focus the CDEI's work to ensure that we have the highest potential for impact. To achieve this, the CDEI has facilitated a series of events with stakeholders; this report summarises key findings from these activities. It identifies industry barriers and enablers to engage with AI assurance, and goes on to identify potential practical interventions to support increased uptake and adoption of AI assurance techniques and standards. The report also examines in more detail three sectors with a breadth of risks that are introduced by increased AI adoption.

Doubts About Testing Remain in Spite of Trump's Assurances

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The testing blueprint for states provides details missing from the administration's guidelines for them to return to normal operations, which were released more than a week ago. It includes a focus on surveillance testing as well as "rapid response" programs to isolate those who test positive and identify those with whom they had come in contact. The administration aims to have the market "flooded" with tests for the fall, when COVID-19 is expected to recur alongside the seasonal flu.

Kentucky Regulators Want Financial Assurances for Mill

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PSC spokesman Andrew Melnykovych (mel-nih-KO'-vich) told the newspaper the order should not be construed as an indication the project is in financial trouble. Braidy's executive vice president, Jaunique Sealey, said the order is part of the ordinary course of business to upgrade power delivery to the site.

Iran Seeks European Assurances as U.S. Oil Sanctions Loom

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"Our aim is to protect European economic actors who have legitimate commercial exchanges with Iran, in line with European legislation and the United Nations' Security Council resolution 2231," Mogherini and the foreign ministers and finance ministers of the three countries said in their statement.