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Flying home: The longest flight delays revealed

BBC News

Summer holidaymakers returning to the UK from the world's busiest airports have suffered the longest average delays from Rome, BBC analysis shows. Passengers waited an average of nearly 29 extra minutes to travel back to the UK from Rome Fiumicino Airport. Venice, Nice and Barcelona were next on the list of longest UK-inbound delays among the 50 airports with the most flights on these routes. The data comes from figures collected by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The analysis, by the BBC's data journalism team, is based on the last two years of CAA data for all flights from or to UK airports during June to August.

Software Glitch Causes Check-In Delays at Airports Worldwide

U.S. News

London's Heathrow airport said a small number of airlines were experiencing intermittent issues with their check-in systems at airports around the world. It said there might be delays but that passengers would be able to check in.

Technology Glitch Causes Minor Delays for Airlines, Airports

U.S. News

MADRID (Reuters) - Major airlines around the world were briefly hit by computer problems on Thursday morning, causing some minor delays at airports, due to a problem with a system from Spanish travel technology firm Amadeus .

Stansted Airport delays over 'hole in runway'

BBC News

Travellers at London Stansted Airport have been hit by delays after the runway was closed for emergency repairs. Passengers were told by crew members there was a hole on the landing strip. The airport said its runway was closed between 17:30 and 18:10 BST on Sunday. A total of 11 incoming flights were diverted to other hubs including Luton and East Midlands. The runway has since reopened and "flight operations are back to normal", the airport says.

Flight delay leaves over 200 passengers stuck, sleeping on airport floor

FOX News

Dozens of passengers were forced to sleep on the floor of JFK airport. More than 200 British Airways passengers have been trapped in a three-day flight from hell from Orlando to London that was stuck for two days in two different airports. The Gatwick Airport-bound Flight 2036 was scheduled to leave Orlando Thursday evening, but mechanical issues grounded the plane in Florida for 24 hours, irate passengers said. When the plane departed Friday evening, it didn't get far, dumping fuel mid-air and lowering the landing gear at high altitude before diverting to JFK Airport, passengers said. "I was quite scared," said Daisy May Dixon, 14. Fuming fliers, like Dixon, were left to sleep on the floor at Terminal 7 overnight, they said.