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Are You Prepared for Autonomous Capabilities?


Such capabilities have matured most in the automotive and transportation industries--in fact, 8 million semiautomated or highly automated vehicles could potentially be on the road within 10 years, creating up to US$60 billion in annual revenue. Autonomous systems are greatly impacting industries that respond to a system independently changing its response to perform its intended function, regardless of unanticipated external stimuli or events. A broad spectrum of individual industries is ripe for change due to the expansion. For instance, autonomous IT systems could result in up to 50% savings on total cost of ownership versus their traditional counterparts. Financial technology companies are using AI and predictive modeling to build fraud prevention systems.

On A Scale Of 1 to 5, How Autonomous Is Your Car?

NPR Technology

With the rise of self-driving cars, there's a need to define the "five levels of autonomy," referring to the gradual change from driver-assisted to fully automated cars.

Autonomous Drives Transportation


Peggy Smedley explains how autonomous vehicles are changing the way we build our roads, breaking down V2V, V2I, V2X, V2P, V2M, and more. She also walks listeners through the six levels of autonomous driving. Mark Chaput, COO, American Center for Mobility, joins her on the show to talk through the challenges and opportunities that autonomous vehicles present for the transportation industry--and what we can do to ensure our infrastructure is safe, but also advancing technologically at the same time.

Apple adds 11 cars to its California fleet of autonomous test vehicles


Project Titan, Apple's secretive autonomous car program, is expanding. The Cupertino company has added 11 new test vehicles to its fleet in California, according to MacReports, boosting the total to 66. That's up from 55 in May. The program is rumored to be related to a self-driving platform Apple intends to provide to automobile manufacturers, though the company has yet to apply for an autonomous driving permit. It kicked off semiautonomous trial runs with three 2015 Lexus RX 450h SUVs roughly a year ago, in April 2017, after receiving licenses from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. "We're focusing on autonomous systems," Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg Television last year, in one of the few public descriptions of Project Titan.

Tesla and fully autonomous cars will change your life


In the past decade new technology has brought about many big changes. The pace of that change has been exponential. And while you may be tired of new technology being called "disruptive", it really is the best way to describe the kind of change autonomous cars are about to bring about. Today, you might use your Model S or Model X to get to work, where it sits in a parking lot until it's time to come home. But with full self-driving capabilities, a Tesla could pick you up, drop you off, and even carpool the kids, all without human guidance.