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Augmented Reality Shopping Service Launched


Augmented reality is going shopping. Having been used for all kinds of things ranging from chasing characters through Pokémon Go to tapping into companies like Ikea to visualize what a piece of furniture would look like in a home, augmented reality is now being tried out for shopping, in a big way. KT Corp., the largest telecommunications company in South Korea, has launched the country's first ever AR-powered mobile shopping service. The service, called AR Market, gives mobile shoppers an online shopping experience similar to being in a physical store. Products can be viewed via 360-degree AR videos.

What is Augmented Reality and why does it matter in Metaverse


What is Augmented Reality, and why would it matter in Metaverse? Augmented reality can be used for many different purposes. As an entrepreneur, you can enrich your daily activities or innovate your services. Augmented reality (AR) is a strategy to add a layer to the world we are used to. These layers can be visual, auditory and sensitive information to enhance your experience.

Intro To Businesses In Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


This is a 2-part course. The first part is for beginners in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to get a good grasp for what these spaces represent and where they are heading as a business. If you are new to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you must learn about them because very soon they will be everywhere. Culturally and financially you can't afford to become left behind. The second part of the course focuses on different business ideas possible to get into in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Augmented reality set to overtake VR as new apps go live

New Scientist

You're at work, flipping through emails that hang in mid-air. Graphs, text messages and pictures pop up on your desk, then disappear. Bored, you sit back and watch a jellyfish bob across the ceiling. This is augmented reality – real life only better, bedazzled with digital displays. AR is the next futuristic fantasy the tech industry wants to conquer, and in 2017 it may finally happen.



Virtual reality (VR) has been labeled "the next big thing" in consumer technology for quite some time. VR has been used in a number of high-profile products and experiences over the years, despite its association with futuristic and unreleased innovations. The View-Master simulator from the 1930s, The Sensorium "4-D" amusement park ride from the 1980s, and the Nintendo Virtual Boy gaming console from the 1990s are all notable examples. When it comes to VR use case studies, public relations aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind; instead, film, video games, and other forms of entertainment usually come first. However, VR could play a prominent role in public relations, particularly in terms of presenting visually stimulating stories to audiences who are already glued to their screens. Similarly, augmented reality (AR) could be used in future PR marketing campaigns.