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Noveller's Trippy Vignettes

Mother Jones

Noveller, aka inveterate electric guitar tinkerer Sarah Lipstate, creates intriguing, immersive environments, subjecting her multi-layered sounds to crafty alterations, topped off by a dollop of synths--or is that just more guitar? Any number of terms could be applied to her lovely eighth studio album, from ambient and tender to psychedelic and unpredictable, but no simple description fully captures the elegant charm of her trippy vignettes. At first glance, A Pink Sunset for No One feels gentler and more meditative than Lipstate's previous efforts, although the rumbling title track suggests the overture to an extravagant Sci-Fi film. Best of all, Noveller's subtle textures reveal new wrinkles with each listen, making this an endlessly renewable source of stimulation.

These music video vignettes made by Radiohead fans are just incredible


When Radiohead announced that it would run a competition for fan-made music video vignettes, it was obvious the standard was going to be pretty high. SEE ALSO: People are eating photos of Thom Yorke's face, because Radiohead fans Back in July, the band took to Instagram to share details of the competition. Basically, fans had to create a one-minute video to be played alongside a piece of music provided by Radiohead -- entrants were encouraged to share their vignettes on social media, and the best of them would be featured on the band's website. On Sunday, Radiohead began sharing shortlisted vignettes on its Instagram page. To complete our series of vignettes, some of the shortlisted entries for our competition.

pinp 0.0.3: More docs, more features


Our pinp package for snazzier one or two column vignette received it second update. We added more frontmatter options, documented more, and streamlined some internals of the LaTeX class borrowed from PNAS. A screenshot of the (updated) vignette can be seen below. Additional screenshots of are at the pinp page. The NEWS entry for this release follows.



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'Ghostbusters' character vignettes reveal new footage for Ghostbusters Day


It's Ghostbusters Day! (Did you know it was Ghostbusters Day? Sony says it is, so it must be.) To celebrate June 8 -- the release date of the 1984 Ghostbusters -- the studio has unleashed a handful of new "character vignettes," each of which shows just a little bit more footage than those first trailers (which didn't go over well, if we're being honest). SEE ALSO: On the set of'Ghostbusters': Secret villains, cameos and one super scary spirit In addition, the original cast will join the new Ghostbusters on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a Wednesday night crossing of the streams. More than 800 theaters will be playing the '84 Ghostbusters Wednesday night as well. Have something to add to this story?