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Tesla will boost your Model Y's acceleration for $2,000


How eager are you to improve the performance of your Tesla Model Y? Eager enough that you'd pay a hefty sum for what's ultimately some code changes? Electrek reports that Model Y owners with Dual Motor AWD variants (but not Performance) now have an option to buy a $2,000 Acceleration Boost that improves the 0-60MPH time from 4.8 seconds to 4.3. So long as you have the latest software, you can have a faster electric crossover almost immediately. The company offered a similar update for Model 3 buyers in December. Tesla has a long history of including features in hardware and locking them with software to help simplify its production while keeping costs in check.

The driverless cars of the future that will be constantly spying on us


Germany's Fraunhofer FKIE, an institution that examines the risk of new technologies, has said the coming years could lead to an "uncanny and unsafe valley of assistance" in which accidents counter-intuitively increase as safety systems get better, leading drivers to place too much faith in them. Cars may be able to drive themselves on the motorway but not as they come off the slip road. The assistance systems may simply fail, making them unable to spot animals or temporary lane markings. This means that humans will have to be prepared at all times to take over from software for several years, and evidence suggests drivers are not ready to do this. "Humans are terrible overseers of highly automated systems.

Boeing Says 737 MAX Software Upgrade Will Be Deployed in Coming Weeks

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Boeing has been working on a software upgrade for an anti-stall system and pilot displays on its fastest-selling jetliner in the wake of the deadly Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October. Similarities between the flight path in the Lion Air incident and Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash have raised fresh questions about the system.

South Korea's Kakao to Monetize Taxi-Hailing App by Charging for Some Services

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Kakao has capitalized on its dominant position in messenger services to expand into deposit-taking services and taxi booking in the nation's $8.5 billion taxi market. The new plan will help it monetize its fast growing user base at a time when rival Uber Technologies [UBER.UL] continues to struggle in the country, analysts said.