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Tesla will boost your Model Y's acceleration for $2,000


How eager are you to improve the performance of your Tesla Model Y? Eager enough that you'd pay a hefty sum for what's ultimately some code changes? Electrek reports that Model Y owners with Dual Motor AWD variants (but not Performance) now have an option to buy a $2,000 Acceleration Boost that improves the 0-60MPH time from 4.8 seconds to 4.3. So long as you have the latest software, you can have a faster electric crossover almost immediately. The company offered a similar update for Model 3 buyers in December. Tesla has a long history of including features in hardware and locking them with software to help simplify its production while keeping costs in check.

Boeing Says 737 MAX Software Upgrade Will Be Deployed in Coming Weeks

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Boeing has been working on a software upgrade for an anti-stall system and pilot displays on its fastest-selling jetliner in the wake of the deadly Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October. Similarities between the flight path in the Lion Air incident and Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash have raised fresh questions about the system.

IoT News - Turn On and Plug In: The Evolution of Connected Cars - IoT Business News


As recently as the mid-2000s, the concept of a connected car was limited to maps and music. Now, as we begin a new decade, the market for hardware and software systems inside these connected vehicles is expected to reach $12.7 billion by 2030, according to a new report from Lux Research. "The connected car marketplace – and the opportunities surrounding it – has changed significantly since its hyper consumer- and leisure-focused infancy," said Josh Kern, Analyst at Lux Research and the report's lead author. "Cellular connectivity, cloud management, data access, and data analytics make up the key pillars of the next frontier. Just as smartphone app developers learned to use advertisements to supplement revenue from app users, connected car services need to find revenue sources other than drivers themselves."

Hyundai to give autonomous cars "human intuition"


Hyundai wants to teach its autonomous cars to think like humans, investing in AI specialists Perceptive Automata to develop new software for self-driving vehicles that will mean your car is as good at spotting unpredictable hazards as you are. Hyundai's Cradle divison - a department set aside for innovation, not unlike BMW's i division - made the decision to partner with the American startup after Perceptive Automata developed new software that is able to predict the often unpredictable intentions of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. "One of the biggest hurdles facing autonomous vehicles is the inability to interpret the critical visual cues about human behaviour that human drivers can effortlessly process," says Hyundai Cradle vice-president, John Suh. "Perceptive Automata is giving the AV industry the tools to deploy autonomous vehicles that understand more like humans, creating a safer and smoother driving experience." Considered one of the stumbling blocks to our autonomous future, the erratic behaviour of human road users is much harder to predict than that of other self-driving cars. The latter, it is presumed, would be talking to each other, but humans remain the unpredictable off-line element.